Yesterday’s Comments

I never understood the headache from sleeping too much, but Masahiro‘s comment–Sleep Hangover–made a lot of sense, particularly in conjunction with Hanazakari‘s and Paiky‘s comment that it has to do with dehydration. Indeed, alcohol has a diuretic effect and leaves one dehydrated: hence the hangover. When we sleep for hours, we are obviously not taking in liquids, all the while exhaling liquids, so it all kinda makes sense to me now. Next time I have the opportunity to sleep another 20 some odd hours–say like in 2010–I’ll be sure to keep water by my bedside so everytime I wake up, I can take a sip. Just to make me feel even older than I really am, AsnHoopla wrote: People don’t know this, but biologically, as you grow older, your body needs less and less sleep. Your body also gets more deep sleeps, and less REM sleeps, so many people complain about not feeling rested. So this will likely explain my ability to function at work on three hours of sleep… Probably not the healthiest lifestyle…

Janken tourney

The O-girl said she could beat all of us in a Janken (rock, paper, scissors) tournament! Hah! I say… Well, maybe she would, but I should explain the intricacies of our tournament. It isn’t simply who can outwit the opponent with a rock, scissors, or paper. You also have to have cat like reactions. In Japanese, there is a rhythmical “chant”: jan-ken-pon. Each player shakes their fist twice in a pounding motion–jan-ken–and then thrusts out the rock, scissors or paper on the word pon. At which point, the winner will scream: atchi muite hoi! which sorta means “look thata way”, and on hoi, the player points his finger either right, left, up or down. The loser, at the same moment, must look in any of those four directions except in the direction the winner is pointing. If the loser of the Janken looks in the same direction, he’s out. If he looks in another direction, they start all over. If the Janken is a tie, then you just do it again. If you’re hard core, instead of saying jan-ken-pon again, you say: aiko de sho (we’re tied, so there!)

Everyobody get that?

Hehehehe… The fun is to continue the game without pausing, going from one janken to the next. For the uninitiated, it can be “stressful” but its a lot of fun. Someone took a video of the tourney and if I can get it on here, I’ll do it if there’s enough interest…

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