Random Q & A

The past few days, I’ve had some pretty long-ass entries, and I don’t want to sound long-winded. So here’s an interlude before I post the final broadcast…

fooky11: hey so I was wondering… do you prefer your readers to leave comments in English?

O-man: As you know, I’m bi: Japanese and English. So you can leave a comment in either language. I was just having fun since the majority of my visitors don’t know Japanese, and it wouldn’t be fair or fun for them in this kind of dialogue/conversation, don’t you think?

Purin_kun: i only read the last paragraph…damn, if you keep printing stuff like that, i’m gonna have to…um, i dunno, not read it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

O-man: Yo, dude, if you’re not going to read the whole entry, you don’t have to comment, okay?

SleepingCutie: Oooh. I like how you incorporated all our comments into your post. Was that inventiveness on your part? Or just plain laziness? hehehe. ^^

O-man: Damn, why’s everyone giving me a hard time?!? You know how much work goes into not only responding to comments but making them into a coherent conversation? Of course, you do. In fact, I know you do. But I got the idea from this medieval monk whose been kind of a lazy ass lately… I think I better wake him up… He told me he might teach Japanese this summer. Whaddya think about that?

mystic_creator: do you teach during the summer?

O-man: Yeah. I will this summer at least. why, you wanna come to DC and take a class? I’ll feed ya’ dinner at least once..

jessicayou3000: just out of curiosity. are you japanese? because you talk ’bout onigiriman.

O-man: I don’t “talk ’bout onigiriman”, I AM Onigiriman!!!!!

ChiisanaHoshi: Wow, I really love your xanga…@_@ mostly because I have an incurable addiction to all things Japanese. Please, keep writing…

O-man: Yeah, right, you “really love” my xanga? Then what’s with the 1 e-prop thing? Hahahahah. Just kidding….

Takunishi79: are you one of them “difficult” people to deal with? it’s rather difficult to imagine so, but who knows… maybe different in a professor-student setting.

O-man: Truth be told, I think so. I am narcissistic and self-absorbed by nature. I think there are two things that make me tolerable to others. 1. I realize that I’m narcissistic; and 2. I treat other people “special” as if they, too, were narcissistic–not that they are, of course, but everyone likes to feel special to one degree or another. I become “difficult” when the other person is as narcissistic as I am (or more), but doesn’t have 1 and 2.

ekin: I do set myself up to look like a FOB don’t I? I’d like to call it… “Being cultured.”

O-man: I’m just kidding, dude. If you come to this site and leave a comment, you gotta get used to the banter. It’s all in good fun…

ekin: What’s a konyoku? Is it a engagement? Does it taste good?

O-man: Hahahah! Konyoku ๆททๆตดใ“ใ‚“ใ‚ˆใ is mixed bathing, men and women. Kon’yaku ๅฉš็ด„ใ“ใ‚“ใ‚„ใ means engagement and konnnyaku ใ“ใ‚“ใซใ‚ƒใ is that gelatin like thing that Japanese swear will clean your intestines. Speaking of food…

Iron Chef America

Did anyone see Sakai and Flay on the American version of Iron Chef? It was kind of intersting, although I was surprised at one of the judges. Kerry Simon is a chef, but had a strange look on his face with some of Sakai’s items. He obviously could not take “exotic” foods. I thought most chefs were pretty adventurous, willing to try anything with an open mind. He could take a lesson from Tony Bourdain, executive chef at Les Halles in NYC. Bourdain will eat anything.

Did I say I didn’t want to seem long-winded? So sue me… No wait! Just kidding!!!!