Interim (read: not REAL) update:

re: What a Tough Crowd

silvermyst_ashke: those jokes were preeeety bad.

bane_vixen: and i agree with silvermyst_ashke. the jokes were BAD. =)

Duh, they were supposed to be. Haven’t you guys ever heard of Henny Youngman? He is one of the original stand up comics from the 40s-early 60s. While his jokes are very bad, they were the standard once upon a time, and all current comics should know and revere him, although they will agree with you that these jokes are not very funny anymore. The first three jokes–Ladies and Germs, tired arms, and the infamous take my wife, PLEASE–are from his routine that I remember. A student reminded me yesterday that Data on ST:TNG paid a similar homage. When the android was trying to learn “humor”, he practiced a comic routine which included the line: Take my Worf… Please! Hahahahhaa. But you gotta know the original to appreciate the parody. This particular line is even included in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations… So how many of you recognized it, I wonder?

Anway, the previous blog included six (6) distinct Xangans besides the Vixen and me. Can you name them? Hint: They are all regular commentors on the O-man’s site.