On Mother’s day (2)


esterday, Detachable commented: “I think the term mother’s day shouldn’t be taken so literally. it could mean a day for someone who takes care of you…”

Gotta agree with that one… I spent Mother’s Day shopping with M. Yeah she’s my wife, not my mother, but I must admit she takes care of me very well, so not to show my appreciation would engender “divine punishment”–tenbatsu “V”±, or bachi for short. Besides, two of her sons are in Japan, and Unagi-kun–her middle son–is not always able to express his appreciation–through no fault of his own. We went to the local mall and M chose some tops for the summer. There were some sales so that helped a bit.

For dinner, we went to our local watering hole. I have found that having a wife who enjoys beer is a double edged sword. She drinks as much as I do, so it can get expensive at times. But on a day like today, she doesn’t want to go to some fancy-shmancy restaurant. She’d prefer to go to our local sports pub. On our way from the mall, we passed a couple of restaurants that had people waiting outside, as you might imagine on Mother’s Day. But not Glory Days. Any seat at the bar, the undivided attention of the bartender and a pint glass that is allways filled. For her, that’s what Mother’s Day is all about. I can hardly disagree…

Unwanted toys revisited

Tonight, I tried the crane game again, and I couldn’t catch squat! Damn, I spent… nah, I’m too embarrassed to say how much I spent. You’d laugh at me. Actually, I got one Rabbit, that I asked a waiter to hide, then took our son to play the crane game. I got the rabbit from the waiter and gave it to Unagi-kun, and told him to give it to his mom. Just pretend that you grabbed it. This pleased his mother, and started a whole conversation on how it’s Mother’s Day, and I wasn’t supposed to catch anything anyway, that the powers that be led Unagi-kun’s hand. I just smiled and suckedon my beer. As long as everyone’s happy and loved. Speaking of which…

In my recent entry on the Musubichan Preserve for Unwanted Stuffed Toys, I think some may have gotten the wrong idea. Some of these toys are pretty strange. Not the kind you’d cuddle up with. Mr. Turkey, who some found to be cute, actually was holding a rifle. As I am not a member of the NRA, I immediately relieved him of this weapon. And the eyes are ping pong balls cut in half… But to give you a better idea of some of the varmints in that glass case, let me introduce you to Plankton. For those of you who watch Sponge Bob, he will be familiar to you as the evil mind trying to get the Krabby Patty Formula (whatever that is!) and lives in the Chum Bucket in Bikini Bottom (wherever that may be). For a kids show, this name don’t sound very politically correct… Apparently, his famous line is: “I went to college!” So much for education… Anyway, the photo on the right is of three planktons. Actually, we have four, but he ran away when I brought in the camera… They are soft and plush, but I must tell you I have a hard time defining these underwater whale-feed as cute. Ugh!

Anyway, I’ve been procrastinating waaaaaaaay more than I usually do these past two weeks. I definitely have to do some work, or else people around me will hound me to no end…

So what did you do on Mother’s Day?