Brave new world

Interconnecting through Xanga


ne of the many wonders in my lifetime is the Internet. For many of you, the Internet is just another part of your lives, but for me, it is an amazing system. I come from a planet that did not have these new technologies–digitalized information, microcomputers, satellite TV. So I am impressed with every new innovation, including the Internet.

When I was at the age most of you are now–teens to twenties–people talked about a brave new world where information was accessible and instantaneous, where everyone was literally connected to each other by computers. This was hard to imagine. For me, “being connected” usually referred to Jack A plugged into Socket B, thus ensuring that music came out of the stereo speakers. But look at me now. I am connected to all manner of unknown people whom I have met on Xanga. And many of these people are even nice! Yesterday, it was Bane the Vixen. Today, it’s japblkgrl. Is the moon in the seventh house? Is Jupiter aligned with Mars? This is an excerpt from her entry.

i joined mainly to comment on o-man’s site…i found him through someone on rice bowl journals…i don’t even remember who that person was.

so its because of o-man that i’m here…yes, its your fault that i’ve wasted many hours of my life in front of this computer screen… more.

Well, JBG, I’m sorry you’ve wasted so much time. It has been and continues to be fun reading about ya’ over on the west coast–house-sitting, grumbling over dead-beat doctors, and lamenting about your mom. But, I’m even more impressed by the fact that you found me via RBJ. Damn, that thing actually works?!? Actually, I know a couple of others who came here via the same route. I also know that some of your have registered there, but have done little more. I think that if you want it to work for you, you have to work for it, by interacting on its forum, even for just a little. Indeed, I go only occasionally. Lately, a certain Xangan I know has brought up a XXX topic and it was pretty funny. And if any of you do decide to checkout RBJ again, don’t forget to bookmark your buddies, hehehehe… J/K. Its not a big deal, I guess.

I’m also aware that a few of you don’t appreciate RBJ because of its “exclusivity.” Being an Asians-only place, it has made me pause to reflect as well, as I have been subjected to similar whites-only/whites-preferred situations in the real world. But it is a place to get out from under the shadow of the mainstream, a place where we are the mainstream, and I accept it as such, at a small corner of the Internet. But for those of you interested, I believe I read somewhere that the forum was open to everyone, not just Asians.

Anyway, enough narcissism. I’ve hit the grading homestretch. If I don’t finish today. I’m screwed… And, tell me if your #25,000.

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