You’re on the Air IX


ow. I just realized that its almost the 15th. I can’t believe the number of questions I have left unanswered! Well, like I said, I will try to answer all questions in order, and answer them as fully as I can. I’ve fielded questions from silvermyst_ashke, pallyatheart, Eechim, tif383335, Whonose, takunishi79, SweetLilV, Ekin, SleepingCutie, Detachable and sekura81… Whose next? Hi, you’re on the air.

My Ms. Xanga

Andine: The early picture of O-man’s lips reminds me of a woman’s lips. The newer version is so much better and it is cute. It is scary how time flies~ I have no question in mind yet. Later. Have a beautiful day 😀

O-man: Thanks, Andine. The lips do look thick, but they’re better to kiss with. Hehehehe. Anyway, you have a beautiful day too. Hi, you’re on the air.

bane_vixen: I remember one of your early comments well.

O-man: Bane, you Vixen? Is that you? Man, you tell me that I shouldn’t flatter myself, but you DO seem to remember a lot of what I write. Hehehehehe. Just kidding–sorta. So what’s the comment you so remember?

bane_vixen: “There’s a difference between Japanese and Japanese American.” Or was it Asian and Asian American? Somewhere along those lines. And I remember thinking to myself, Oh ho. Now there’s someone who feels strongly about his identity. I’ll get on his good side for now. Then I’ll let my true colors show….. hehehe

O-man: Um, let me get this straight. You think I feel strongly about my identity and so you’ll get on my good side, then you’ll show your true colors… I’m not sure I follow the logic here. Unless you mean that you respect me for feeling strongly about my identity? Mwahahahaha, just kidding. So what’s your question. I bet it’s a douzy.

bane_vixen: *evil smirk* Ahem. Among your female subscribers, if you had to choose ONE woman to spend the day with and then some, who would it be and why? And M doesn’t count.

O-man: “And then some”? Are you trying to be suggestive?

bane_vixen: The question was supposed to be a bit NC-17, or R, but I decided to go easy on ya…

O-man: …………………… (@_@;)

bane_vixen: … just this one time.

O-man: Ooooh-kay. This is the most difficult question so far. If I had to choose one woman to spend the day with… Well, let me think. Hmmm…. Um…. Hmmm… Maybe I should try to do this through a process of elimination. Let’s see.

  • First, I guess, meeting another Xangette would mean someone whom I haven’t met yet, so all my students and former students are automatically disqualified. Not too hard.
  • I am the sensual sort. No, no, not in THAT way! I mean that sensory perception–like any human being–plays a part in any decision I make. On Xanga, we cannot touch, taste, or smell one another, and in most cases we cannot hear each other–although SleepingCutie once put her husky voice on-line. But Xanga–being what it is–forces me to rely only on a visual perception. I am not trying to see who is “good” looking, but I would like have somekind of perception as to who the other person is, and on Xanga, the only option given to me is visual. Which means I would have to disqualify all women who do not have a profile pic or have not otherwise revealed themselves to us Xangans. That would eliminate a relatively large number of people, including Eechim, sylvermyst_ashke, blu_jazz, dawn_109, sekura81, japblkgrl, and others. You guys can now breathe a sigh of relief… I am now left with a relatively small group of women now: AsnHoopla, Bane_vixen, SleepingCutie, Enygma81, Nefarious_hatter, iluvpajun, mmh, Sorjen, msbLiSs, RieLin, lichunsah, No1watching, simply_marie, Piratechan, detachable, totoro1221, Misako, megumi-329, thosesdays and masumi.
  • I am not a cradle-robber, so I must disqualify the young… but virtually everybody is young compared to me, so I’ll lower my age-line of demarcation to those who have graduated college. Based on the Xangette’s stated age and/or content of the blog, the list should look like this: AsnHoopla, Bane_vixen, SleepingCutie, Enygma81, Nefarious_hatter, iluvpajun, mmh, Sorjen, msbLiSs, RieLin, lichunsah, No1watching, simply_marie, Piratechan, detachable, totoro1221, Misako, megumi-329, thosesdays and masumi.
  • Also, I would feel uncomfortable with someone who’s attached–or wants to be attached–to someone else, so those who are married, currently have boyfriends or have explicitely stated that they have an interest in someone else will be crossed out as well. This narrows it down some more. AsnHoopla, Bane_vixen, SleepingCutie, Enygma81, mmh, Sorjen, msbLiSs, lichunsah, Piratechan, totoro1221, Misako. I can hear all these collective sighs of relief. Whew! I’m glad I got crossed off the list. You can’t fool me…
  • That’s about all of the straightforward “objective” qualifications that would narrow down the field. What’s left is more subjective. Hmm. I think that if I were to meet someone, it would be nice if I had already developed some kind of rapport with the individual, so I guess it should be someone who comments on my site regularly–meaning at least once a week. So that would be: Bane_vixen, Enygma81, Piratechan, totoro1221.
  • Oops, oh, I mean, okay. Um, now, uh, the… rapport should be well developed, so she should be a subscriber who has commented regularly for more than just a month or two, bringing the list down to: Bane_vixen.
  • Wow, that really shortened the list… Let’s see. I guess the Xangette would definitely have to have a sense of humor. I can be pretty sarcastic and the merriment (some would say havoc) that I create–like with this list–would poke fun at some people. It is, of course, all in good fun and the Xangette would have to understand this. Indeed, if she too had a biting wit and sarcastic bent, she would understand my sense of humor, leaving me a list of: Bane_vixen
  • Hmmm. Let me think. Give me a minute… Oh yeah. I am a drinker, and I rarely go out and not drink. Indeed, I can drink rather heavily and occasionally get bombed-out-of-my-gourd drunk, so the Xangette would have to be a hard drinker as well, unafraid of a hangover. Heheheh, so now, the list has been shortened to: Bane_vixen
  • Uh, wait a sec… Er… let me think of a good one… Yeah, yeah, yeah. I teach literature so the Xangette would also have to have an interest in literature. Not only in pulp stuff like Anne Rice or Harry Potter, but “real” literature. Further–hehehehehhe–she would have to have a firm grasp of literary concepts, of critical methodology–structuralism, deconstruction, intertextuality–to discuss this literature. This should eliminate everyone on the list, leaving: Bane_vixen…
  • Uh, let see, now. Hmmm… Ah, yes. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love sports, so the Xangette would certainly have to… Oh, wait! Look! There’s only one person left on the list. *gulp*


Oh my, aren’t you the unlucky one! Hahaha, just kidding. Since you asked the question, you had to know that I wouldn’t let you off that easily. But I must admit that it would be interesting to meet you and to talk to you about things… and then some. Hahahahah.

Okay, query: How many of you think that Bane’s question was flirtatious?

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