Back on the air


fter a good nights sleep–relatively speaking, since there are those who would not consider five and a half hours adequate (this is what happens when you get old!)–I feel a bit more relaxed. Yesterday was a killer of a day. The heat wasn’t too bad, about 90 degrees which is nothing for an LA boy, but the humidity was a killer.

When I went to the school in DC to give that talk yesterday, I didn’t realize it was so far from the Metro stop. It was not a ridiculous distance, but it was difficult given the humidity. Indeed, yesterday reminded me of one of those perfect days in Tokyo: Walk outside in the humidity, enter an air conditioned train, get off at Metro Center into a stifling underground station, then board another air conditioned train–this one like a refridgerator–then get off on Wisconsin into the heat and humidity again, walk 15 minutes, then enter an air conditioned building. Adjusting to these different environments wreaks havoc on my body and I got a stomach ache. And all this on top of being nervous of giving the presentation. Ugh. Anyway, your on the air.

Just chillin’

onigiri: whoo, one year! 😀 and since then you have met a lot of people, havent you? well, these posts of yours are always full of meaning and causes one to think. 😀 so… did you ever get a copyright on that image?

O-man: Thanks, Onigiri! I feel like I’m talking to a relative. As for the copyright, I have never applied specifically for a copyright, but according to US copyright law, any publication of text or images on a public venue is automatically copyrighted and the possession of its writer/creator. I consider Xanga a public venue, so everything I put up here is copyrighted. This would hold true for all of you, too. If someone takes your stuff–and especially is you have stated specifically that you deem your material to be copyrighted, as I have at the bottom of this page–then you can sue the plagerizing asshole. It seems that there are those on Xanga who go to other sites, copy, then post it on their own Xanga presenting it as their own material. Kinda pathetic, isn’t it? Hi, you’re on the air.

kizyr: You know, Sei Shonagon once had to lift up her skirt to prove that she was a woman. It’s true!

O-man: Uh… and?

kizyr: Anyway, here’s my question: have you ever had any, well, cross-gender desires? Anything major (e.g., wanting to dress in women’s clothing and wear makeup), or minor (wanting to have nice-looking nails–with which there’s nothing wrong, by the way).

O-man: Man, dude. I think this cross gender karaoke thing has kinda got you obsessed. But I have, in fact, dressed as a female at a party about 20 years ago–I’m always ahead of my time, on the cutting edge. Actually it was for a song number. We were having one of our karaoke contests and our team did a group rendition of “Do ni mo tomaranai.” Our team had more guys than girls, so someone had to play a girl. Being the eldest and most responsible, I volunteered to save my younger kohai (juniors) from embarrassment. The other girls put on make-up and I wore a flimsly blouse and red gym shorts–I drew the line at hotpants. However, to my disappointment, I didn’t fool anyone. My friends recognized me instantly: Hey, look at them hairy legs, and that beer belly. That’s no girl, that’s Onigiriman! Oh, look, look, MT can barely lift him! Hahahahahahaha. Oh well. It was a fun time in my life, good old college days. I wish I had the guts to post the pic… hehehehehe. You’re on the air.

imahima: Oooh, Kizyr’s question was quite spicy! A little more mild: What about M’s children, do you get to see them a lot? Omedetou on one year!

O-man: Thanks. I don’t get to see M’s children a lot. Although I think another one will be coming to our house soon, which may put a crimp in my BBQ plans–sorry guys. The eldest I barely know since he’s already married and lives his own life. Unagi-kun, the middle kid, is with us now. He has special needs and so he lives with us. The youngest wanted to live in Japan because he had a girl friend and because I don’t think he liked living in a household that had an asshole as its head. Unfortunatley, he is having trouble living in Japan by himself. M, being the typical Japanese mom, is in Japan to see if he’s all right. Apparently he is not, so he will be coming to our house soon. He better bring a lot of toilet paper, because the asshole is still here… Anyway, M is out of town until the end of the month *wink* *wink*… Hehehhehe. just kidding, NOT. But it was tough taking care of the middle one and preparing for that presentation yesterday… man, I was nervous.

imahima: You get nervous?! I can’t imagine you being nervous about something…

O-man: Ah, goes to show that even my student’s don’t know me completely. There are a ton of things you guys don’t know. Hahhahaha. But yesterday, I was nervous because pressure was brought to bear by a higher-up. After learning that I was going to give a talk at the school where Chelsey Clinton and other DC celebrities have gone–and this includes the kids of the current dean–this higher-up told me to “impress”… Sometimes I really… aahng, never mind. You never know who’s listening… Hi, you’re on the air.

Windward_Skies: You mentioned how all of your readers are able to laugh, as you joke, make sarcastic remarks, and flirt via your Xanga. What do you get out of online flirting, and what does that do for you?

O-man: It gives me a woody. Hahahahaha. Did you laugh? Did you smile? Not that I’m flriting with YOU! Hahahahahha. Anyway, flirting is a natural part of my existence. I don’t know where I got it, when is began or how it developed. It just IS. And actually, I don’t think it’s flirting. Really. Despite what others may think. I think it is mostly my sense of optimism. I joke a lot as well, and the combination of optimism and humor makes people smile and feel good about themselves–well usually, depending on their ability to take a joke. I think in contemporary society, life is pretty hard and everyone wants to feel good about themselves. And anyone who can make you feel good is pretty welcomed, no? But when this occurs between male and female, it is often construed as flirting. “Hey girl, you’re pretty sharp,” or “Man, your profile pic is so cute!” To me, I’m just telling it like it is. But being the optimist that I am, I usually have something good to say. Further, since I am really just saying what I think–and not using some stilted or stale pick up line–it sounds fresh and sincere. So this flirting that I talk about and others accuse me of, is really nothing but me being myself. But I think you already know that… And for no other reason, I do this because it makes me feel good. Anyway, next. You’re on the air.

Grom: when was the last time you threw up from drinking too much?

O-man: Hmm… I think that last time… um, man, that was a long time ago… I think it was about 20 years ago, at the same party I dressed up as a female in the group number. Projectile, too, as I remember through these layers and layers of forgotten memories. Why would you ask me this? Feel a challenge coming on?

Grom: Also, how many drinks does it take to make the onigiriman drunk?

O-man: Well that would depend on what the drink is, what I ate and my disposition at the moment. I can drink anything, but obviously beer is not as strong as scotch. And I will drink at different paces depending on the mood. Drinkingon an empty stomach will also get me drunk faster. And my disposition is important too. If I know that I have to stay sharp–i.e. in order to drive or when there is someone “important” in the same room–I will not get very drunk. I have to have the “just let it go” mentality. Of course, for me, that is not a difficult thing to do. In general, I will feel tipsy after 3-4 pints of beer. I often talk a lot and laugh a lot when I’m drinking, but that is not necessarily an indication of being “drunk” although I am feeling mighty good. But honestly, I can’t drink as much as i used to. I’m just getting old…

And nervous… This line of questioning from my students is weird. How much do I need to drink to get drunk? What do I get from flirting? Do I harbor cross-gender desires?!? Okay, guys, I know some of you are in DC this summer. Do you guys have something *gulp* specific in mind? If so, make it fast. M comes back in a couple of weeks… Dahahahahhaa. Just kidding!