While we’re still on the air


is in Japan, and so I get to play step-dad for real with Unagi-kun, instead of the usual the-guy-mom-married. Her kids were adults already when I stepped into their lives, so I guess I’ll never be a “dad” in their eyes. Even when the grandkids came two years ago, I was simply Mr. Driver 運転のおじさん. *sigh* But as ddsb said, I should give them some latitude. You know, this is what really makes Xanga great. I get to hear different voices with different views which helps me open my own mind. Thanks Petey…

Anyway, besides running, I have also restarted my weight training. I was so embarrassed to find that my strength had decreased so much. I guess when you get old, you lose it really quickly. My max bench used to be 200 lbs, but now it’s about 155. In case you guys are wondering, I don’t do weight training to build some kind of he-man physique–although a cut body would be nice–but muscular strength is a major consideration in health and longevity. I intend to be teaching when I’m 70, so I gotta stay fit. For you ladies out there, weight training supports and strengthens your bones, thereby preventing osteoporosis. Asian women are just as susceptible as anyone to this disease. I’m no doctor, so you should check things out for yourself, but I’ve heard that some women in their 40s have manifested the symptoms of osteoporosis, so its never too early to start. Besides, who wouldn’t want a little toning in their body? M works her triceps to prevent what is called in Japan, “natural kimono sleeves” 天然振り袖, the flab beneath the upper arm. Hahahah… hey, stop throwing things!

Random questions

O-man: Well, I’ve answered all the questions that were left on my post from June 5 (?) or something like that. But I see from the lights that I still have some callers. You’re on the air…

Fongster8: what happened to my question??

O-man: Now, now, lets not get too excited, hehehehe. I realize you and others have left questions throughout the process so I will try to get to them, including yours… *click* Your on the air.

zettonv: why am i never on air?

O-man: Hahahah, cuz you never asked a question! But you are now… *click* Your on the air.

bane_vixen: how much longer are you going to do this Q&A thing? just wondering…

O-man: Hahahaha, methinks someone is getting bored with the format. Well, until I finish answering the questions. But you gotta admit that some of the questions elicited responses that weren’t too boring… *gulp* I hope. But I know that with you as a loyal listener, you have terribly high standards and keep me on my toes. Don’t worry, this is just a temporary format… *click* Your on the air.

onigiri: so onigiriman, how do you come up with all these topics that you talk about on xanga? i’ve stopped by here a couple of times and you always seem to have something different and exciting to talk about. (have the cicadas made their arrival yet? 😀 )

O-man: You mean you don’t come everyday? Hehehehe, just kidding. Anyway, the topics are from my loyal listeners. I always try to respond, although sometimes I forget or miss a question… I hope none of you are angry… Fongster… are you… upset? As for the cicadas, they have come and gone, which is why I have changed my banner. No more cicadas, just a well cooked yaki-onigiriman. That’s a nicely roasted riceball man you see up there, brushed with some soy sauce and cooked on a grill. Mmmmm. I almost wanna eat myself! Hahahaha Just kidding! How gross! Oh, yeah, the cicadas. They came and there were a number of them but it wasn’t such a big deal. Everyone told me how they covered the ground and made a noise like a jet plane. Well, I was sorely disappointed. They were present and i could hear them, but a jet plane? Not even close. And did they cover the ground. I wish. I mean there were a lot of them, but their numbers did not meet up with my expectations. What a let down… Ha! And this from a declared entomorphobe… Hi, you’re on the air.

iluvpajun: hi onigiriman! i have a question… you might have already answered it and i’m sorry if someone else has already asked you. what exactly is JA journal? is it like xanga?

O-man: Hahaha, not even. The JAJournal is my other site. It’s basically a repository for my past Xanga posts. But I have highlighted some of the more popular entries and have sorted some of the entries into categories. But it is a work in progress… I think people who come to my site for the first time, go there to see who I am. It’s also the place where I post when Xanga is down, as some of you already know. In fact, I think some have even bookmarked it, since they come when Xanga is actually down. That way we can keep up without Zzzzzzzzzzanga.

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