Still Time Out…


‘m still on a Time Out! Damn this house is a mess! Just to answer some of you: No, Fongster8, 27″ is NOT a big TV. As I said, it is “larger” and I’m speaking in relative terms. My previous TV was 20″ and I have had students comment on how small it is: a thoughtful comment after I’d just fed them… And I’m not surprised to hear that the average size in the UK is 32″. That’s probably true in the US as well. But, since that is the average, there are those who buy larger and those who buy smaller. I bought the smaller one because on a teacher’s salary that’s all I can afford.

Yes, bane_vixen, I can say “whipped” as in p-whipped. I’m sure many of you know what the “p” stands for. If you don’t, then you’re not old enough anyway…

Yes, SunJun, I have my fingers crossed. A messy house just may distract her long enough….

Yes, KENSHIR0, M does clean the house. And she is very good at it. You can eat off our kitchen floor, not that you’d want to of course… And before you women get any ideas, let me say that I would help to clean the house as well, and I have, but she usually tells me not to bother. I don’t know if its because I do a lousy job or if she would rather have me work harder and earn more money…

Yes, enygma81, I am the typical guy who lets the house get messy and tries to clean it up before she comes home–emphasis on the word try. But the dishes are washed and the floors–all 3 floors–are vacuumed. I left the windows open all day to air out the house–yes, two guys can make a house stink pretty bad! The throw rugs were also hung to be aired yesterday. The laundry was done and folded at 3 AM last night. Oh yeah, and I bought a couple of speakers to give me a little surround sound… Do you think M will notice?

No, Purin_kun, it is not plasma but a regular TV. I didn’t know that plasmas can go bad so quickly. Can anyone tell me the difference between plasma and LCD? Eventually, I will invest in a larger TV, but I need the info. Which is better, which will last longer, which is clearer, which will cause fewer prblems? Should I wait until the bugs have been worked out? Or are the bugs already worked out? Is there a newer generation comeing soon? Oooooh. So many questions!

Finally, I will post bane‘s comment to Saturday’s post, because I don’t think she will post it on her own site. I was going to write a similar comment today, but she beat me to it, and she is more eloquent than me anyway:

the ideas for a documentary film come from the directors’/producers’/creators’ (what are those blokes called?) concern for a certain subject matter. For example, the film supersize me pertains to the health hazards of a fast-food nation/world. In order to portray his views, the maker of the film only conveyed the stuff he thought necessary to get his point across and probably taken things out of context. Yes, fast food is ultimately unhealthy if one eats it to the extent the person in the film did, but fast food chains is one of the reasons why America is somewhat flourishing and keeps a certain class of people employed (not to sound like a snob). So documentaries, in general, are subjective, since they are issues that are close to the maker’s heart – in most cases, head – and have been manifested nationally, and even globally, on film. although, from the looks of it, Michael Moore’s film seems more like a satire than a documentary

Anyway, gotta start dusting the house! Ugh. I have a new appreciation for those who clean house, like M. I’d better take her out to dinner…

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