y favorite read, Sammy, is having a crisis of sorts. Apparently, he is going X-treme, deciding to talk about things like sex and minorities. Hahahah. I think he’s just joking, or perhaps he just swallowed his dog license by accident. But he is right when he says that many sites who talk about sex, or spew politically incorrect opinions about other ethnicities seem to get all the attention, as attested by the great number of comments and e-props they get.

Well, I’m not worried about e-props, as you guys know. And I get all the comments I can handle for now. But I do like sex. And yet, I am hesitant to talk about it because many of my students read this page.”Sensei! You did what?!?” Yup, sex is probably out of the question. But I do have a porno name.

A couple of weeks back, I went out for a beer (or five) with some students. We were talking about nicknames they had given to some classmates. Some were pretty mean, albeit funny: You guys should repent. The conversation soon turned to the creation of nicknames, and then porno names and how to come up with your own. This, according to them, is how. You take the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on. I think the pet name was supposed to be first, but we decided that the better combination was okay. The first street I lived on was Kenmore Street. My first pet, the one that died on me, was Kyu-chan, named after the singer Kyu Sakamoto who sang “Sukiyaki” (Jp. Ue wo muite). I thought that Kenmore Kyu sounded better than Kyu Kenmore. And the name Kyu sounded too Japanese, so I replaced it with Q. And voila! Kenmore Q… Or should I make it Kenmore Cue? Or Kenmore Queue? Any advice?

So what would be your porno name?

EDIT: Man, there are some great names so far. C’mon, people, lets hear it from ya’. What’s yours?

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