Spiderman 2


gain, life’s little crises are building up and I have to take care of business. I”m sure that you all know that I would MUCH rather spend my time with you here on Xanga, but some responsibilities take precedent over Xanga, and you can rest assured that they would have to be pretty important for me to set aside this addiction, if even for a day or two. But I hope to find some time later tonight to provide my insights to Spiderman 2 which I saw on Sunday.

What? You ask. If you’re so busy, what the heck are you doing going to a movie? Well, this “function”–going to see a movie–luckily coincided with two of my responsibilities. It took some fancy dancing to convince the powers that be that a movie could be part of a birthday present for one child, as well as be stress reliever for another troubled child. But the explanation is too hard and too complicated to discuss here.

Preview: Spiderman 2 Spidey’s loss of his ability is psychosomatic? hmmm… Come to think of it, his webbing isn’t even supposed to be a physiological part of him…