enryu results for July will be posted tomorrow. So be sure to come by to see how you did. For those who did not participate but want to, please read the poems and my commentary. I welcome all my subscribers to participate in the next contest. A great way to learn is to read both the correct forms as well as the mistakes of others. But I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. Also…


hanks guys! I’d like to express my appreciation to kizyr and iluvpajun for adding me to their RBJ bookmark. I have added your names to my “RBJ Tomodachi” list on the left hand column of the main page and on top of the comment page. Your generous support–indeed, the support of everyone on the list–places me in the Rice Bowl Journal Top 40.

Personality quiz


here are so many quizzes on the Internet these days. They all claim to tell you what kind of anime character you’d be, or what color you are, or what IQ you can boast. Being the gullible sort, I have a tendancy to take them to see what happens, but inevitably all of them do not reflect me in the least. But a new one the GlobalGuy had on his site was relatively simple–only 4 questions–but it seemed to represent me fairly accurately. Now these are usually pretty boring and no one really wants to read the results for someone else’s personality test–certainly not the results of a riceball you hardly even know. But I will post it because it will give you an idea of how I perceive myself. Of course, if you want to write a rebuttal–particularly my students who know me personally–by all means do so.

Click to take the Personality test.

You’re an ESFP: “Extra Special Friendly Person”

You’re a fun-loving outgoing person and are naturally drawn to people…you are quite enthusiastic and exuberant…and usually well-liked by others.. you’re good at meeting people and helping them enjoy themselves…you are sympathetic towards people and generous with your time and money. You wanna be where the action is and will see things in your own special way…

You’re aware what is going on around you and notice stuff that others miss. You’re popular and gregarious and are often busy in social stuff…you are instigators of activity and like to be “where the action is…”…you like laughing at yourself and others….you like to help others and often join organizations that letcha do that..if you work as a teenager, chances are that you’ll take a job that lets you interact with others (gift shop, waiter, anywhere you can charm or shmooze)….you’re “on stage” often…

You’re the eternal optimist, and always seem to land on your feet, somehow. (gee, all this stuff shows you might be good in the Storm Palace pubs..) you can interact with people of all ages, backgrounds or types with no problem.. you learn best when you can interact with others and DO things, not just observe or listen about ’em… Teachers are the key to your success.. they have to care about you for you to want to do well..

You don’t like conflict or intellectual arguments…you don’t like learning by sitting quietly by yourself and reading some boring abstract stuff…”how does it relate to my day-to-day life?!” You know how to motivate others to get the job done…you can link together people and resources…you’d probably be happy being a coach or a receptionist or a therapist…anywhere you could help people and be responsive to ’em…you don’t impose your will.

You like teamwork…you can get caught up in others’ emotions.. your style is inclusive and allowing others to participate in the don’t need to suck up all the glory…you like to take breaks and love being active and going out and doing things with friends…

You’re fun to be with and bring enjoyment to situations…you find fun in the moment…your friends are VERY important to you, and I’ll bet you tell ’em so and let ’em know it somehow…you like to reach out and touch the lives of others…you like to share your values with those you love… you might move in or out of a relationship depending if it “feels” get kinda hampered with disapproval.. you can overwhelm your partner with all this affection and stuff…when there’s a breakup, you can move on and get over it quickly, surrounding yourself with your friends…

Be careful on these: don’t spend too much time socializing and not enough on the task at hand. You’ll probably talk on the phone rather than work. Also, don’t forget to finish what you start..get some planning skills and time management…don’t ignore the logical facts, as much as you’d rather go by subjective stuff…finally, don’t be so action-oriented that you forget to plan ahead…

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