Senryu Topic for September:

It’s amazing how three lines of verse can express so many different emotions. I had never really appreciated poetry in the past, but I’m beginning to see what all the fuss is about. I think it’s because I had never attempted to write poetry myself. I have your site to thank for creating the opportunity.–SammyStorm

Whee~! Thank you for providing such a great outlet to test our creativity. I agree with SammyStorm, I wasn’t the biggest poetry buff, but with each month, I come to appreciate the power of the written word more and more. —SunJun

These contests are fun, even if I don’t win anything! Can’t wait for the next one. ^^ —SleepingCutie


‘m glad some of you enjoy the senryu. It makes it all worthwhile. Really. And I hope everyone had a chance to read last month’s senryu I posted yesterday. The entry is a bit long, mostly because of my comments. But you can skip my comments and just read the poems. They are much better and worth reading.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what would be a good topic、And I was reading some of my fathers verses from 2001. There were a number that had the word bokujo 牧場 which means “cattle ranch”, and I presume that was the topic. As you can see, when he sees cattle, he can only thing of food.

A plate of beef
formerly the free grazers
of a ranch.

With life so fragile,
how can cattle still grow fat
on a ranch

Hahahahhaa… now I know where I get it from.

Anyway, taking these verses as my inspiration, this month’s topic is beef. I know there are many who are vegetarians or who don’t eat read meat. Well, your verse can reflect your life-style choice. But like the above poems, I think it might be fun to try to come up with a light or amuzing verse, something that might be reflect our everyday issues with beef…

As before, please make one submission only–are you reading this Vixen?–and submit it to this post–there is a link on the main page in the left column. Subscribers only, please.

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