Rivalry week

Okay, it’s Rivalry week. Saturday, we play crosstown rival USC. I you are a student of USC or a fan, do not read any further. I don’t like to rag too much about ‘SC under normal circumstances. My sister got her MBA there, so the institution is part of our family–to my unending regret. They promote their football ceaselessly, mostly because their academic standards suggest that they have nothing else to be proud of. Yeah, truth hurts… Anyway, you guys don’t need to read further. STOP HERE

(The following is a repost of last year’s rant.)

I have been a Bruin fan since I was a wee little lad. Watching Gary Beban take our Bruins to the Rose Bowl and winning the Heisman (UCLA’s only one), Wendell Tyler and John Sciarra beating a number one Ohio St. team with Archie Griffin (that is a game they play often on ESPN Classic). When my dream came true and I actually attended this world reknown academic institute, I saw the Bruins go to three Rose Bowls! Damn, they were hot. Althought our crosstown rivalry was always heated, it was really hot then, because the football queens that are $C had dominated LA with the student-body-right smash mouth football. Damn, if they weren’t always in the top ten or top five, and the “gutty little Bruins” had to kick and claw for any kind of recognition. But in the early eighties, we ruled. And these queens viewed us a usurpers, and they became really nasty assholes. Wanna know how much? Let me tell ya’. My mom–God rest her soul–used to volunteer at a local Museum. Well, one guy there used to tease her about how her sons–my younger bro’ also went to UCLA–were losers cuz they were Bruins. This is a 20-something $C graduate ragging on a 60-something woman. My mom had a heart attack in the late eighties; now this jerk is not the cause, I’m sure, but hell, does he stop raggin’ on her? Noooooo. He’s having a great time, “Oh its just in fun.” But my mom told me it stressed her out to hear his garbage. I suppose my mother should have told him to quit, but as a member of the old generation, she was kinda of reserved and non-confrontational. While this $C jerk shows no sign of empathy or thoughtfulness whatsoever.

Now, is he representative of $C? Maybe, maybe not. But have you been to the $C blogrings here on Xanga? Try University of Southern California which states, “USC University of Southern California students and for people who fucking hate f/ucla. fuck ucla!!! USC FOOTBALL KICKS ASS!! USC FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPS BABY!!

If you’re a Trojan do you want to be associated with this kind of attitude?

How about *U*C*L*A* *S*U*X*,4 all u ucla haters…mostly usc fans“.

Obviously, the tradition continues for the people of the University of $(outh) C(entral)… Its been said that you can only use a Trojan once but a Bruins is forever, but I’m not so sure, these jerks seem to be forever, too.

Anyway, this is the only time I allow myself to vent about this university of $(poiled) C(hildren), the so called Trojan–who the hell wants to be named after a condom?

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