The Blood Bowl



omorrow is the game: the Blood Bowl. Actually, that isn’t the real name. In fact this traditional rivalry has no name. The Oregon – Oregon State game is called the Civil War, and the Washington – Wazzu game is referred to as the Apple Cup. Even the game up north–Stanford vs. Cal–has a name, calling itself the Big Game. I read somewhere that we should call our game the Bigger Game just to piss them off. Perhaps, this game is so big, it doesn’t need a catchy phrase. However, there is a game between school newspaper staff: The Daily Bruin and the Daily Trojan. And they call their game the Blood Bowl. I think it fits.

Anyway, if you’re an $C fan, you don’t need to read further. STOP HERE

SammyStorm: UCLA has a tough task ahead of them. Norm Chow is one of the best offensive coordinators in the country and they are clicking on all cylinders now.

No shit. They’re only undefeated and ranked number one in the nation. But they have had teams score on them. Cal was pretty close for most of the game, and Stanford–Stanford!–almost beat them. They have a solid defense but nothing like they had last year. Last year’s team was scary good. This year, teams are scoring on them, but its that Norm Chow offense. Damn. I just gotta hope and pray that our offense–which has been clicking better than last year–keeps their offense off the field. If we are close in the 4th quarter, I like our chances. We have had good second halves. The coaches this year are making much better halftime adjustments. But then, we haven’t played a number one team yet. But I like our chances. Certainly more than last year. While $C wasn’t ranked number one last when we played them, they should have been. They were the best then. This year? I like Oklahoma.

zettonv: dang you take your football too serious onigiriman. wasn’t rival week last week with UM and OSU or like FSU and UF?

No shit. But for some fosaken reason, they moved the game to this weekend at the behest of ABC… And yes, I take this feud very seriously. As I mentioned yesterday, I have met some jerks at $C and they act in ways that have been hurtful and insulting. So I take this personally. Seriously. Even my students know not to mention that school in my presence. This rivalry is for real. What most people fail to grasp is the proximity of the two schools. Ohio State and Michigan are in different states, as are Notre Dame and $C. Florida-Florida State, Washington-Washington State, et al. are in different corners of their respective states. Stanford and Cal are perhaps the closest to what we have, seperated by the San Fransisco Bay. But UCLA and $C are in the same city. Many people who go to high school together end up going to these rival schools. Many of the UCLA and $C graduates work in the same companies and so have to deal with their rivals the whole year, not just during rivalry week. Every place I worked in LA, there were always UCLA and $C people. So yeah, the rivalry is intense and continuous throughout the year.

When I was an undergraduate at UCLA, this was the week of pranks and mischief. $C students would come to campus and mess with our Bruin, while loyal Bruins would bravely venture to South Central LA–where $C students kept the local crack dealers busy–and painted Tommy Trojan true blue. Yeah, the guy is in a skirt! I’m sure you’ve heard the brouhaha over the movie “Alexander.” Greeks in skirts kinda fit the image. And at $C, the tradition continues.

enygman81: hmm…I sense some bitterness. And you know as well as I do that the condoms were named much later, after the school was created. =P

No shit. But the parallel is nonetheless hilarious. Hahahahaha! But I guess I should show more compassion for these guys. They couldn’t prevent a company from naming a condom with the exact same logo as their mascot in the skirt–yes, he’s very manish in his armor and brocade; but I’m not into that sort of thing. Can you imagine them screaming with pride. “I’m a Trojan.” Hahahahaa, sorry, I imagined it…. Gawd, what do they do at parties? I bet they have great conversation starters like: 1. Are you allergic to latex? 2. You can trust me, I don’t break. 3. I’m America’s #1 brand. 4. Feel me, I’m textured. 5. I come [oops, no pun intended] in three sizes.)

Ah well. Enough of this foolishness. Have to put my game face on for tomorrow. I plan to go the UCLA hangout in DC. Anyone wanna join me?

To all the football gods in heaven, hear my prayer…

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