Computer question…


amn, I really need a new computer. I have an old Toshiba–I hate refering to it as “old”. I bought it in 2000 whch for me is like yesterday. It still uses Windows98, and only has 64MB RAM. I mentioned this to a colleague recently and got laughed at. Oh well, can’t help that. It’s pretty pathetic, I suppose…

Anyway, the reason why I haven’t bought one is because I truly can’t afford one. I have bills coming out of the wazzu, and everytime I turn around I have new expenses, from lawyer’s fees for M to tuition for my daughter to air fare for a 24-year old boy who refuses to grow up…

But I still need a computer.

What do you guys use? Are you all using brand name stuff? Vaio? HP? Toshiba? Any suggestions for inexpensive machines? Any suggestions regarding which company to definitely avoid? What’s an eMachine? Any input would be appreciated…

Another thing. I have compressed .LZH files that contain Japanese font data. Does anyone know how I can open these files? Do I need to decompress them? If so, how?

Last time I asked about convertine audio files and got lots of help from all you great people. So once again I seek your indulgence…

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