Just Flush the Damn Thing


am not particularly fussy. I do not mind people doing their own thing. But when an action–or inaction–might affect others negatively, then I get a little upset. Why are there so many who refuse to be considerate to others? It simply boggles the mind. What bothers me recently–since it seems to be a growing trend–is the courtesy of a flush after a guy takes a piss at a urinal.

I would wager that some female readers here would be surprised. “You don’t flush after using the toilet?” Well, I think that if men used regular toilets to do their business, then they would flush most of the time as well, but for some godforsaken reason, many feel there is no need to flush when they use a urinal. And I find this disgusting.

And you know why? Splatter.

When a guy uses a urinal, there is a certain degree of splatter. Most of it is undetected as the piss spray is too fine. But I KNOW it’s there because I can smell it. As you know–or should know–smell is cause by actual molecules that are evaporating from the thing we are smelling. A fresh loaf of bread is evaporating more liquid molecules than day old bread and so has a stronger smell. Steel doesn’t evaporate so it doesn’t smell. So, when I stand at a urinal and smell urine BEFORE I piss, then I must be having someone else’s evaporating piss enter my nostril! Is that digusting or what? (Can you imagine what you’re smelling when someone cuts a fart? Okay, too gross…)

Usually, if there’s piss from the previous user, I flush it before I use it. But again, this has its problems, since a flush creates a plume of moisture which would include the previous piss. Ugh! If you hate to touch the handle because you think its dirty, just wash your feakin’ hands afterwards. I mean, you DO wash your hands after holding your weewee, right?

So will you guys who don’t flush, please have the courtesy to flush? You are being selfish and self-centered by not flushing. Please think of the person who will use the urinal after you. It might be me…

Time to go to sleep…

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