Not Super Entertaining


udos to Coach Belichik, Tom Brady, and the rest of the Patriots. They played slppy at times, but their experience allowed them to regroup and beat the Eagles. Terrel Owens had an incredible game, expecially considering he had screws put into his ankle in December. What did he have? Over 120 yards? Amazing. Despite his antics, he has my respect as one of the best–if not the best–WR in the NFL today.

My prediction fell short. I thought that the Patriots would score one more touchdown than the Eagles, but as it turned out, it was one more field goal. 24-21, not the 24-20 I had predicted.

In any event, this year’s Super Bowl will be memorable for its lack of memorable moments. Besides the football game, the half time show was pretty much a bust. Paul McCartney? Man, the dude is a relic. He might be fine at a smaller venue or on his own tour, but for the Super Bowl? Sorry. I like the Beatles, but his days are over. These 60s (meaning 60-years old) rockers should bow out gracefully. But I suppose we have Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake to thank or this years headliner. After the malfunctioning wardrobe and Janet’s boobs, the powers that be went the conservative route, no doubt.

Another oddity was the dearth of eye popping commercials. I guess we can blame last year again for the level of timidity in this years collection. Who could forget the farting horse last year. I guess advertisers decided to take the safe route as well with mundane commercials–well the Ford commercial with a dead frozen guy in the driver’s seat was pretty wierd, and Ameriquest’s “cat killer” was unusual. No, he didn’t kill the cat, it just looked like he did; the point of the commercial: Don’t judge or jump to conclusions. Budweiser had a cockatoo from the bario in one spot and then went all patriotic with its salute to our men in uniform in another… There was also tacky. Fox told us how much they spent–2.4 million dollars–just to promote there TV show “24”. Now who tells you how much they are spending within the the commercial itself?

So which was you favorite Super Bowl commercial? If you didn’t see them, click here.

Anyway, time to get back to work. I have a load of stuff to do for the next three weeks or so, so if I post anything, it will be short and sweet. Hahahahaah. Yeah, right. that’s like telling myself to shut up. That ain’t about to happen…

Peace, out! –oops, is that the WaterJar‘s signature?

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