Happy Valentine’s Day


hanks for all the suggestions, guys. I had been at a loss as to what to do, but all your ideas gave me the energy to be positive about this thing. So what did I do?

Yesterday, the 13th, I took M and the kids to a all-you -can-eat sushi place. Okay, it sounds hokey, but since it’s sushi, the price was equivalent to a mid-level chain restaurant, like Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. We decided to go since it’s about the only place I can take the two boys and not worry about how much sushi they eat–at 24 and 25, they eat a lot. And the reputation is okay. Of those I spoke with, everyone agrees its worth it for the price. The neta–fish used to make the sushi–was obviously frozen–can’t fool me–but adequate. The place also had ramen, udon, tempura, different salads an deserts. So, yeah, it was worth it. Then we went to choose some earrings for M. No diamonds, but resonably priced 14K. Two pairs. Today, I got some chocolate–just regular ol’ store-bought fare, and a sweat suit outfit that I know she’s been wanting: She’s been hinting about it since Christmas. Okay, nothing too elaborate, but its the best I can do in my current situation.

Anyway, once upon a time, I used to receive candy and stuff from students. Nothing fancy, of course, just a lollipop in the shape of a heart, or a small box of Sweethearts, sometimes with a note of thanks. Now, I am under no delusion. I know that it was probably that extra lollipop or box after the student had finished handing them out to friends. But it was a nice gesture nonetheless. Those days seem to be over. Students have changed–perhaps, they don’t give candy to friends anymore–or I’m just getting too old, or maybe a combination of both… *sigh*

So did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?