Under the weather


swear, I hate getting sick. Canceling classes is the last thing I want to do. But today, heavy snow is forecast for our area so if I went to school, I’d just get sicker and end up canceling classes later this week. I’ve been teaching at my current institution since 1996 and this is, I think, the 3rd time I’ve cancelled class due to illness, so my track record is not too bad. I guess I was due. Besides, I’m sure my students aren’t going to be overly depressed at having an unexpected day off.

Anyway, I’m too sick to continue the story. Minds kind of foggy. I wrote the following on Saturday–yes, I sometimes have posts all ready to publish. I have another one for tomorrow as well… Sometimes when I start writing, I can’t stop… Diarrhea of the keyboard?


There have been a few questions and comments that I would like to respond to. I often respond at the site of the person who asked, but I think they are basically about my last few posts, it might be nice to write about them here where everyone can read them.

Visit Fongster8's Xanga Site!Fongster: Is this fiction? Are you writing a book?

No, this is not fiction, although there are some fictional elements to it. Everyone I mentioned existed. The events did occur: We did ride the bus, Angel and I did go to see if we could find DKLA walking to school. She did call. She did come to my house. She did kiss me. (*^_^*) (I know some of my students are cringing at that one.) The fiction is in the details: names have obviously been changed, although Angel was a nickname he went by when he worked at the confectionary job–a job that I got for him, I must add; Billie . Much of the dialogue reflects the spirit of the conversations although it is not verbatim–It’s not like I tape recorded everything.

Visit sekura81's Xanga Site!

sekura81: Have you always been clueless about when the opposite sex likes you ? I am so in the same boat as you. With the current bf I didn’t know till he leaned in and kissed me.

Yes, I have always been pretty clueless. A lot of it probalby stems from the insecurities I developed when I was being rejected by girl after girl after girl. I obviously had no clue back then.

Visit tim00's Xanga Site!Visit SunJun's Xanga Site! Tim00 and SunJun: “Bro’s before ho’s…”

Ah, the words of the sages. Yes, there is something to be said about the solidarity of the brotherhood. But two things: I was young, naive, and wildly in love with women; also, as I have proven, the solidarity of the brotherhood is a myth.

Visit bane_vixen's Xanga Site!Visit Eechim's Xanga Site!Visit simply_marie's Xanga Site!Visit gyjcwang's Xanga Site!The vixen: hey, you’re quite the looker.
eechim: ooh, yes, you looked very cool back then
simply_marie: you’re so handsome then and now!
gyjcwang: You looked quite handsome back in 1974

Xanga-73 Xanga-dining Xanga-scream
1972 2000 2004

Thanks guys… yeah, even you Jason… I think. But do I look that different? I’ve been looking at the same mug for the past 49 years and I don’t see that much difference. Well, I have gained a considerable amount of weight, so I really should lose a few pounds–how many times have I said this?. Oh well, aging will do that to ya’.

Visit ellen9's Xanga Site!
Ellen9: I have heard of the Flying Burrito Brothers. I couldn’t come up with any of their songs but do remember the name. Enjoying the story so far…

Omigod! You must have lived in California during the 70s. Nice to meet ya’. And to be honest. I don’t remember any of their songs, either. I even had one of their albums–For you kids, that would be a black vinyl disk on which analog music was recorded.

Visit RachelsMommy's Xanga Site! RachelsMommy: You bastard!!!

Sticks and stones…

Visit enygma81's Xanga Site!

Enygma81: If you ever get tired of being an educator, you should publish your memoirs. =D

You think it would sell?

Visit Andine's Xanga Site! Andine: I am totally hooked to this~

Ah, there is nothing like hearing appreciative words… Makes me wanna write more…

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