Show of Hands


esterday, I discussed a bit about a famous Japanese novel, so that my own narcissistic comments regarding SleepingCutie‘s post on her own “Sensei” wouldn’t sound overly insispid. Oh well… Anyway, in the novel, Sensei writes: “words uttered in passion contain a greater living truth than do words which express thoughts rationally conceived.” I totally agree.

As I was writing about the situation I created with Angel and DKLA, memories flooded back with a vengeance and I was immersed in emotions associated with betrayal, puppy love, first kisses. But then I got sick… the juice is gone… I wrote an outline, but it sounds so dry and lifeless.

So in an attempt to get my juices going again, I thought I’d try something that Shi did on her site. She says that she was protecting her posts and if you wanted to be added on then you had to ask. She got like a kazillion comments. Well, I don’t expect to get a kazillion comments and I won’t protect my posts… for long, but I was curious as to how many of my subscribers were actually reading this story of mine. If I know that there are enough of you, that alone would rev me up, I’m sure. Now, if say half of my subscribers respond, I should get about 120 comments? Okay, maybe a third…

So anyway, at the risk of sounding like an e-prop whore, those in favor of me continuing the story of DKLA, comment: AYE!

And if you’re guessing that I’m just buying time to write this story, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. But show me some love anyway. Hehehehehe



Can I take that as an “Aye”?

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have you no shame???!???

Xanga-onigiriman2 I only wear a thin sheet of seaweed. Now what would make you think I feel shame?

Visit LaMangust's Xanga Site! you’re just looking for eprops, you shameless old attention seeker! well, only one for you! so there!

Xanga-onigiriman2 Oooooh! I’m soooooo offended by your one eProp strategy. Hahahahha, What a cheap-ass girl! Wait ’til Saturday. I’ll get your sorry ass…

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Psh. Like i would read you. = p


I got your sorry ass, too!

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