Since I’ve been on Xanga, I’ve been flattered to have a significant number of subscribers. To be honest, I never thought I’d attract much more than my students. But currently, my students and former students make up less than 20% of all subscribers. There was a time when I thought subscribers always left comments. But as my own subscription list has grown–an unwieldly 150–I barely have time to read let alone leave a comment on most. So I guess subscribers who don’t leave a comment must be in a similar situation.

Not a problem. At least I know they read it–at least parts of it–as most get e-mail updates as Xanga subscribers. I was surprised to learn that I am also linked to other non-Xanga sites. Being the narcissistic ass that I am, I Googled myself and found a few non-Xanga places. Some have Xanga accounts just to comment on their friends sites, but keep links to me and others on their main site. Guys like Steve, spygirl, yenly and matt. Others don’t have Xanga accounts but did me the courtesy of letting me know that she reads my site–at least sometimes–by bookmarking me on RBJ, like Shiz. but I also found myself on other sites such as Achikochi, Kaonashi, maninjapan, gotmilkfart. I wonder who they are? If you’re on RBJ, how about a bookmark? Hahahahhaa. Just kidding. It was just wierd seeing links to my Xanga at non-Xanga places. Why would any one wanna read this drivel. Hahahah…

The Aye’s Have It…

Let’s see, since yesterday I got 35 “ayes” which would be less than 15% of my subscribers. Oh well, to the loyal go the favors… Click here to get your fix.

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