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ell, last Wednesday, I mentioned that SleepingCutie posted an entry about her Sensei that was quite flattering. Around that same time also learned that the GobalGuy had created a likeness of me. I, of course, had to investigate, and lo and behold, there I was in his banner! Pretty funny and a pretty cool rendition of the O-man. Kinda looks retro, doesn’t it.

The Aye‘s have it again!

Visit primwater's Xanga Site! primwater: That little Aye trick of yours was mean.

Gee, sorry, there. I do like to keep people interested as much as possible. But I was curious as to who my truly faithful daily readers were, and so I asked publically here if my readers wanted to read moreof DKLA. And the hardcore Onigirimen and Onigiriwomen raised their hands with an “aye”–of course, as it turned out, this band of Onigirimen (and women) was a rather small percentage of my subscribers, a mere 18% or so. I had not completely edited the final version, but since they were so anxious to read it, I gave them a sneak preview. I figured, anyone who didn’t say “aye”, didn’t read my blog everyday–or didn’t need to read anything I write immediately–so it didn’t matter to them if they waited a day or two. It’s no big deal, I think, and I didn’t mean to be mean… certainly not to a little girl! But all you had to do was say “aye” to the earlier post, and I would have added you as well. I added everyone from brand new subscribers to old ones–Christine was my second subscriber back in June 2003. Of course this doesn’t mean she’s old, just that she’s been a subscriber for a long time.

Anyway, I don’t discriminate among subscribers. So next time, chime in, okay?

Like I said, the “Aye“‘s have it.

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