Got Some Nuts?

A few weeks ago, before shi decided to go protected, she wrote about an activity they played called butt tag. I won’t go into the specifics, but if you go to her mirror site, you can see read her explanation. I wouldn’t do it justice, I assure you.

As kids, we too played tag. But we would play in teams because one guy being “it” was not as much fun as a whole team being it. Our favorite form of tag was Freeze Tag. There were usually three or four safe islands where you could stand without fear, but you had to move periodically between these safe havens and if you were tagged in between by the other team you had to “freeze” on the spot. The only way to freedom was to be “unfrozen” by a teammate running by and tagging you. As you can imagine, this game was rather dangerous when we played it in the neighborhood streets, arousing the wrath of a few parents.

But that game was nothing when compared to the dangers of Squirrel. This was a game that only boys could play. It was each man for himself and there were really no winners or losers, unless you decided to quit the game from the pain. Each player had to hunch forward a bit while trying to maneuver into position against others. This was awkward because we all tried to keep our knees as close together as possible. You see, the idea of the game was to try to gather as many nuts as you could. And while each player was a squirrel, he was also a potential tree–if you get my drift–so each of us had to protect our own nuts even as we tried to “harvest” others. A good harvest was a solid “handfull” that elicited a “squeal”. I’m sure you understand why we wouldn’t let girls play. It just wouldn’t be fair! They could harvest all they wanted without fear of being the harvested…

So no offense to Shi, but although she writes that she was perverted for having played butt tag, I think we may have been just a wee bit more perverted…

I’m starting to think that some of you may have developed a very negative impression of me and my youth/childhood. I always thought I led a pretty mundane life, but as I write my experiences down, I’m beginning to realize that maybe I’m just a freak…

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