How closely do you read Onigiriman?

Rank Name Score
1 gyjcwang 100
2 Fuafuahamu 100
3 captaingaijin 100
4 ikerton 100
5 detachable 90
6 tinkariffic 90
7 LaMangust 90
8 Kizyr 80
9 kat 80
10 cgran 80
11 Purin-kun 80
12 steffy 80
13 SleepyWalnut 80
14 Bojo 80
15 chenchan 80
16 The Last Super Power 80
17 a famaliar stranger 80
18 daddylike 70
19 Hanzo 70
20 christine jiao 70
21 enygma 70
22 Tiff 70
23 Nanana 70
24 XanthochromeSum 70
25 SleepingCutie! 70
26 simply_marie 70
27 sleetse 70
28 takunishi 60
29 jerjonji 60
30 sunjun 60
31 Mephisto Dont Know S#*! 60
32 merrow 60
33 cjones80 60
34 silvermyst 60
35 jome 60
36 Kim 60
37 Ender 50
38 sugarvirgo 50
39 aznquarter 50
40 tanjf 50
41 iamthematrix 50
42 msbliss 50
43 J 40
44 enigma 40
45 dudedontdissrice 40
46 Sinji 40
47 burningsecrets 40
48 The Water Jar 40
49 Eechim 30
50 meawkitty 20

This proved to be kinda interesting. Fuafuahamu is a student of mine and obviously knows me very well. As cute as she may be, this kinda scares me. But even scarier is gyjcwang. Dude, you only know me through Xanga, so you must be reading every one of my entries–which is really flattering–or you are one lucky son of a buck. And detachable, baby! Your one mistake was a careless one, right? Oh well, almost 100%.

There were a number of people who put in names that I don’t recognize: kat (jammkat?), Nanana, J, Sinji.

DaddyLike: I got 7/10. I think I know way too much about you and that’s quite disturbing to me.
O-man: Sorry to disturb you, but as you can see, there are at least seven more who should be even more disturbed than you…

Eechim: 3/10 – i suck…
O-man: Not exactly how I would characterize you.

Mr_Mephisto: Nice quiz…I would like to add though that I am Quiz Master, because I am The Most Bored at Work Champion and was the 1st tp stumble across this lovely quiz-makin-website, which fellow KCGW members and Yamagata Bored-Has-Come-To-Have-A-New-Meaning JETs have started to learn to abuse as well. =)
O-man: Okay, okay! I always give credit where credit is due. Although I’m not sure if being the most bored at work champion is worth getting credit for.

Purin_kun: What? You hate insects more than rodents? What about squirrels? I think I deserve a 9/10. PS – Squirrels are rodents, right?
O-man: Yes, squirrels are rodents and I hate squirrels, but I hate squirrels because they caused over $500 worth of damage to my house, those dirty little buggers. But I truly hate insects and you would know this had you read this. So live with the grade you got.

takunishi79: 60%. That’s still passing. HAHAHA
O-man: Which school do you go to?

Jerjonji: 60%… and i knew those wrong ones- i just froze…lol! fun!
O-man: Egads, you’re as bad as my students. “I knew those wrong ones.” Likely story.

meawkitty: eeeeh? i got a 20… and I’ve only been to your site twice, this is the second time so I guess that explains it!! lucky you, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten featured content…no..I haven’t…and wait…you have a wife? you’re married? and a man? or are you a girl? *contemplates this information and has a brain overload* sorry, wired, and tired, not a good combination. YOUR A COLLEGE PROFESSOR?!
O-man: Hello there. You’re a new subscriber, right? 3/23 if I’m not mistaken. Welcome to the O-man’s site. I’m not sure what brought you here or why you decided to subscribe, but I’m happy to have ya’. Anyway, I’m not sure what the criteria for featured content is, because it is not just the number of comments or e-props–althought that is part of the equation I’m sure. This was the first time in about a year and its not a big deal, I think. I got a lot of hits from people I don’t know, and so there is little or no thrill in that. I want people to come to this site cuz they wanna read what I write, not because of some random link on Featured Content. Although I think I have a couple of faithful subscribers who found me that way, so I shouldn’t be dismissive of it… And yes, I’m married, which explains the fact that I have a wife. And I am a “man”. I am not Onigiriwoman. And I teach Japanese language and literature in college. Wanna take a class?

aznquarter: do you like half and half in your coffee? cuz i got 50% =P
O-man: I’m lactose intolerant but in your case I take some half and half.

burningsecrets: I got a 40! WAUUUUUUUH! I shudda used my first instincts all the way..
O-man: Yes, you could do worse than relying on your first instincts… like relying on my instincts. Heheheheheheh

inscrutable_soul: I got an 80, which is not so bad for guessing on half of the questions! Hope you and your wife are enjoying the weekend.
O-man: Yes, not bad, but you should be studying for these quizzes. Hope you aren’t guessing on your quizzes at school.

Anyway, you can click here and still Take the O-man Quiz. Not that it would fundamentally alter your experience on Xanga or anything, but it will indicate how intently you read this site–or any other Xanga site perhaps?–because every answer can be found in previous posts, and if you’ve got a good memory or have had the time and inclination to read my old post–the more popular ones can be found at the JAJournal and some of the newer ones (like DKLA) at my “under construction” beta site–then you have a good chance of doing well… Crap, what a run-on sentence…

Have a good week everyone.

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