When It Rains, It Pours


think I’ll shoot myself. To compound all the issues I’ve been having recently, I just found out that the powers that be are cutting more programs at my school, and guess which language they are cutting? You guessed it. Apparently, the summer classes I will teach this summer are the last ones for us. There are only two full-time faculty, and so I guess they think that we are pretty much expendable.

Our Chairman teaches Korean and so it wouldn’t do to cut that language. Chinese has four full-time faculty and so cutting them might cause more trouble than its worth. But Japanese is just right to downsize our department. I have the sneaky suspicion that they want to cut some language because the will eventually combine all languages into one super department–Department of Modern Languages, or something like that. But you can’t have too many languages, I suppose.

Time for me to revamp my resume and start looking for other jobs. Anyone need a person who’s pretty fluent in Japanese? And does anyone know how effective Monster.com is? Damn!

And here I thought the recent statements by Condeleeza Rice about Japan being at the center of US-East Asia strategy was going to raise our stock. Stupid me… and stupid you–April Fools! Just kidding guys. Hehehehehehehe.

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