Final Four Two

Update: Dayligh Savings Reminder

Not that any of you would forget, but I DID! Time for daylight savings. Set your clock forward one hour. Stupid me! I hate losing one hour of my life. I have so little time as it is. Thanks to blu_jazz.

Final Four Two


went with M to our regular watering hole, Glory Days. I should have been home working but I needed a break and I did want to see at least some of the Final Four games in an environment that reeks of beer and sports talk. M likes to go because she likes to drink beer outside the home away from the kids. Can’t get drunk in front of the little ones, I suppose. Well, they’re not that little…

Anyway, Illinois won as I expected but Michigan State did not. North Carolina was just too good. It should be a good game on Monday, although after watching UNC, I think they might handle the Illini. But you never know. It is no shame to lose in the Final Four…

Unless you’re a UCLA Bruin.

Ah… I am so spoiled from UCLA’s b-ball teams with Coach Wooden. It was never “if” we win, but “when” and against “whom”. Those were incredible days when an incoming UCLA freshman team led by Lew Alcindor–later to become Kareem Abdul Jabbar–beat the UCLA varsity team that had won the National Championship the previous year. We could barely contain our excitement when basketball season started. And it was the one thing we could brag about when faced by the football team from the university across town.

Oh well….

Lately, I’ve been so swamped with work and other familial issues that I have been terribly uninspired to write anything worthwhile on Xanga. I’ve thought of taking a break, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned being on Xanga, it’s this: writing regularly–good, bad, mediocre–is a good thing. I’ve come to feel that writing something, anything, keeps my engine warm. Writing is an activity that can get rusty if not practiced with some semblance of consistency. But I must admit the fear that a continuous stream of mediocrity will turn off many readers.

Does anyone want to make a suggestion? Not that I’d be able to respond right away, but I feel my creative juices–meager as they are–seeping away. If you’ve got something inspirational or if you have a question for me, that’d be pretty cool. I’m all ears…