Response: April Fool’s


ranks are for little kids, so I guess that makes me a very old little kid. Just to set the record straight. I am fine and the program is still intact… for the time being. I guess for any prank to work, there has to be a degree of believability, no? I mean, if I had written that I was abducted by aliens, it would not have come close to being an April Fool’s gag. But life being what it is–not to mention the economics of academia–some of you vulnerable to my prank, maybe some more than others. Certainly my students know what’s what and so are perhaps the most vulnerable, and hence responded the most vehemently. Hehehehehe. I’m such a jerk. but I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, here are some of the comments and my response.

Visit BarbEric_Bojo's Xanga Site! hmmm, nice try,

Oh yeah? Oh well, guess I can’t fool the ol’ Bojo… I’ll get you next time…

Visit avidevi's Xanga Site!*teehee* i knew it!

Oh yeah? Ack, won’t anyone fall for this prank? It’s not fun if no one falls for it, ya’ know?

Visit RachelsMommy's Xanga Site!

Aw shucks. I guess I’ll just call back the friend I spoke to at Yale on your behalf. He was willing to offer $375,000 for your first year.

Ok… I can’t tell if you fell for it, or you’re just pulling my leg. I mean, I tried so hard to make a funny…

Visit dudedontdissrice's Xanga Site!wow that was pretty good

Finally! Someone who is straighforward enough to fall for it. Whew…

Visit gokingsgo's Xanga Site!funny. you got me.

Hot diggity. That’s another one. Can you imagine that I just fooled polititcian? And a democrat to boot!

Visit SammyStorm's Xanga Site!You got me! I was ready to send a sympathetic e-mail and everything! gahaha!

Actually, YOU should know me better. I know you’re taking a hiatus and stuff, but you can’t have forgotten my humor that easily…

Visit BloodyKitsune's Xanga Site!Jeezy Creezy, I almost had a friggen heart attack! Good one though!

Well, glad you’re heart was strong enough to withstand the joke. Wouldn’t want anyone dying because of the joke.

Visit jerjonji's Xanga Site!
very funny! NOT!


Visit EnderSatomi's Xanga Site!=( not funny! I was worried for the first two paragraphs!

Just the first two paragraphs? What gave me away? I was hoping you’d be worried until the end of the post.

Visit SleepyWalnut's Xanga Site! Arg! I definitely about died there, and I’m even a day late reading this. Gah. Nice one. Although, I had a terrible little thought in my head saying, “At least we still have those summer classes I petitioned so hard for…”

Hahahahahaha. It’s okay. It’s only human nature. And I’m glad you petitioned for the class. Makes me feel wanted.

Visit Grom's Xanga Site!Shaun still believes it true, he can’t grasp the fact that it was an April Fool’s prank…he is crying right now.

Woah, I didn’t mean to make anyone cry! Dear, dcear, dear. What should I do?

Visit enygma81's Xanga Site!Rargh! You suck! I was all, “Oh sad…=(,” until the very end. Man, I forgot it was April Fool’s. Or, I knew, but it wasn’t at the front of my mind. aish…

Okay, I guess I deserve it… if you were REALLY sad until the very end… But at least I know that you’re the kind to read the whole post!

Visit globalguy007's Xanga Site!You suck! I actually fell for it. hahahahaha, funny guy.

Woah… that’s two in a row. Okay, maybe the prank was just a little sucky poo…

Visit gt_ninja's Xanga Site!holy *beep* I nearly had a heart attack. you forget about april first in this country…. I hate you man.(sensei)

You hate me?


A “TOTAL ASS”? As in complete? Thorough? Please, you can forgive me just this once, no?

Visit shi's Xanga Site!You’re a poopy head.

A poopy head? Man, them’s fightin’ words. If it was anyone else, I’d be all over that, but since its YOU, well… I guess it’s okay. I’m a sucker for you…

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