Life is Balance


hining is so unbecoming. Perhaps as some have suggested: I should hae a completely anonymous Xanga site. A place where I can just rant and rave and not worry about anything. I mean, geez, it IS tough to be a guy, right?

But I will say that I do accept whatever happens to me as one portion of my entire life. For me, life has always been about balance. When I was in high school, I went to a movie at the National Theater in Westwood with my then-girlfriend, and in the lobby they had a machine that was supposed to read your biorhythm. I don’t remember exactly what was required, but I think all we had to do was put in our birthdate, and it printed out a graph showing us what our “energy” levels were. I gave little credence to the results, but what struck me was the explanation on the back of the graph. It said something about three biorhythms–physical, emotional, intellectual–that have cycles the go up and down throughout our lives. I’m was wary of its claim of fixed cycles. If that was the case, everyone born the same day as me would experience the exact same energy levels every day of our lives. And I wasn’t about to swallow that.

But I was intrigued by the thought that our lives progress cyclically. I took this to mean that we our lives have some semblance of balance. In general terms, if we have a good day, we will also have a bad day. Sound too obvious? Uh-huh. But I think this extends to the events in our lives as well. If we are good to people, people will be good to us. If we are mean to others, eventually others will be mean to us. It doesn’t have to be the same person, but I believe we get what we dish out.

Remember DKLA? Well, what I did to a friend happened to me ten years later. Work? Family? Things happen back and forth all the time. So my current issues, my trials and troubles, may be a precursor of good times ahead… I hope.

But then, now that I think of it, this just might be payback for something I’ve already done… Crap! And here I was, hoping that better days were coming…