Subscribers’ Appreciation Week


iving here in Xanga has been quite an experience for me. I have met so many people online and it has been, for the most part, a positive experience. I get to write about what I feel and then bathe in the luxury of having people tell me how much they enjoy reading it, although I honeslty think it is often a lot of drivel.

Anyway, I have designated this week Subscriber Appreciation Week. I would like to extend my appreciation to all those who read my words faithfully. I am truly blessed.

Today, I’d like to thank those who have bookmarked me on RBJ. I have mentioned this before, but it is worth mentioning again, The Rice Bowl Journal is a place for Asians to congregate online. It is an exclusive place and some find this offensive: What? No non-Asians? But it is also a place for guys like me to feel relaxed and comfortable, to be among those of like minds. This is good for me, for being the target of random discrimination from time to time–even in the 21st century–I sometimes feel out of place in the mainstream. It is nice to be somewhere, even in cyberspace, where I AM the mainstream.

Among those at RBJ, I truly appreciate those who have bookmarked me. Bookmarking is a way of subscribing; it creates a link from RBJ to my site, and it conveys to others that you regularly visit me. The profile page of members list all bookmarks, so if you viewed the RBJ profile of someone like, say, Paiky or Hanzo, you could see who has bookmarked them.

Personally, I am humbled by the number of bookmarks I have received from our small group of blogging Asians. I have designated these guys as my RBJ Tomodachi and list them at the top of the comments page and in a Tomodachi gallery at the bottom of the main page. And I liked to thank those who have bookmerked me recently (in alphabetical order): amanda, jome, KnOizKi, tehgimp. I have already added you to my list and gallery.

Perhaps what has impressed me the most about RBJ is that I have “met” people who are not on Xanga. Of those who have bookmarked me, ten (10) blog regularly at other sites. So it is flattering to have readers who don’t have the convenience of just looking at a subscription list like we have on Xanga.

ArigatoAnyway, thanks to all of you.

Tomorrow, I will mention my Xanga subscribers and the setting options we have. In the meantime, I found this Seven Deadly Sins quiz on Lamangust‘s site. Where does she find the time? I found out that my worst sin is Pride. Yes, yes, I am prideful. But hell, I worked hard to be where I am now… But sloth is a very close second! Yes, i enjoy lounging… Oh, and gluttony. Well, I love to eat. So sue me!

You scored as Pride.















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