Subscribers’ Appreciation Week (con’t)

Xanga subscribers


ow I don’t have a million subscribers. There are others who have two, three, five times the number I have. But I have my share and I am happy to have them. Initially, in my first few months on Xanga, I was happy to reciprocate subscriptions and I made it a point to visit as many people as possible. However, once I passed 100 subscribers, that was impossible. Indeed, I have cancelled–albeit reluctantly–some subscriptions, particuarly those who do not update their sites very often or have more or less abandoned their sites. There are a few exceptions, of course, like japblkgrl and thosedays. However, my current list of subscribers have reached 250 and I cannot subscribe to all of them, because I would end up reading none of them. As it is, I have neglected many of my subscriptions because I have been overloaded with work–as many of you already know.

Anyway, I appreciate all my subscribers, and I try, at least periodically, to visit them. Certainly when summer rolls around, I will have a bit more time to indulge my Xanga addiction and visit each and everyone of you. Interestingly, my subscribers have been coming and going. I don’t pay very close attention to the list–oh, so-and-so decided to unsubscribe–because it would seem so petty. But I have noticed the different types of subscribers: No email (online only), daily-digest, and the lovely Individual-Instant.

My personal preference is No email (online only), not because I want to visit only when I’m online, and not because I don’t want to clutter up my inbox. The reason why I choose this option is because I don’t check my e-mail very often. Indeed, I have a tendency to avoid it like the plague. Ask my students, they’ll tell ya’. How often have I been scolded by my students for not returning their message? I’ve even been scolded by my boss at work: “Check your email more often.” If I check my email once a week, I think I’m doing a good job. So some of my students will come here leave messages because they know I will always check my Xanga! Hahahahahha. I must sound like a pretty pathetic professor.

But I DO appreciate my subscribers who have chosen Individual-Instant. This tells me that they want to receive an email of my post and read what I wrote immediately. Is that flattering or what?!? Of course, I only have a handful of these subscribers.

hara1121 is someone who does not post. He/she simply showed up one day and subscribed. I wonder if its someone I know. Indeed, the name is very familiar. In fact its the same name as the girl who called to tell me that Billie was sick (DKLA: Flame Out). And this person subscribed right when I was writing the story. Is this just coincidence? Hmmm…

SENSEI49 is, as the name suggests, a teacher too. Although she hasn’t posted too much lately, when she does, she sometimes reflects on her time in Japan which is pretty cool because she refers to many places I am familiar with.

WolferasDreams is a student of mine. In fact she is the only student to receives my posts instantly. Normally, I might view this as sucking up, but she isn’t taking any of my courses now so it’s hard to put that spin on it. She doesn’t post here on Xanga, but rather at Live Journal.

sputtum used to post pretty regularly and he often “borrowed” my html codes. I guess he liked the layout of my posts–I used to do a little more when I had time to play on Xanga. But he hasn’t been posting very often. He kinda petered out last summer and hasn’t posted anything since the start of this year. While he still gets my posts–I presume–is he reading them? Hey, Ray! You reading this? Let me know!

No1watching is a masseuse, a legitimate one, nothing sleazy, really. She just got licensed recently and is looking to build up her clientelle. If you live in the SoCal area and need a massage, visit her and leave a comment. As a note, she also worked at a firing range, so just in case any of you are getting the wrong idea, she is not the one to fool with…

fooky11 is a young whose outlook in life is young and refreshing… despite the hair! Hahhaha. The hair of this Korean-Japanese changes with his mood, or maybe it changes with his gigs. He plays in a band and had some outrageous Christmas songs. Some say its music… and I guess I do to… heheheheh

Jerry: Last but not least is my good friend, jerjonji. Anyway, she is a writer and educator and lives in the southwest. She has these amazing stories of her youth–not that she isn’t still young, mind you–and expresses them with a style and passion that makes life our planet Xanga all the more pleasing. She also writes fiction, and her current story, “Angel and Demon” is a great read. Well I’ve only read the first two installments that she posted a while back when i had more time. I will definitely read the rest after graduation. You should too.

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