Subscribers’ Appreciation Week (con’t)

RBJ revisited


esterday, I mentioned my buddy, jerjonji. I forgot to mention that last year she rallied the support of a few other Xangans that they all sent me online birthday cards. I almost broke down and cried. Seriously. Almost. It was right in the middle of finals, I was frantic as usual and unbeknownst to me, my body was weakening to the ravages of acute bronchitis. Her cards and the cards of all my Xanga friends was so therapeutic. You will never know, Jeri. Thanks a bunch.

Now, as my students know, I always check my Xanga and so was able to catch all these birthday wishes back then in December, but I missed some well wishers elsewhere. Over at the Rice Bowl Journal, there was a group of nice people who were wishing me a happy birthday on the RBJ Forum. It’s a place I would vist regualrly, until last semester when the workload really go heavy. The awkward thing is that I didn’t realize this until YESTERDAY! Ack! I’m so sorry guys. All you people wished me well, and I totally didn’t notice you guys. I cannot express how embarrassed I am! Well, it’s four month late, but let me use this space to thank you all:



Speaking of RBJ–and to give myself a bit of a plug–I have been featured in Consider Yourself Quoted again. Thanks, Carlos… I think… I mean, look at the quote. Not that I have so many quotable lines, but did you have to choose the one in which I mention cleavage?

Author: The O-man
Onigiriman: Nice to bite, hard to swallow

Country: Japan
Virginia, USA

The bloggers are, to varying degrees, narcissists and exhibitionists. We love to expose ourselves, talk about ourselves. And yet, ultimately, we expose only what we want to expose: a little thigh, some cleavage–well, I don’t really have any cleavage…

Anyway, thanks again. I’ve had a bit of a surge in traffice since being featured.