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GoatDaydreaming all afternoon sounds heavenly to the Goat. This creative, esoteric Sign needs plenty of time alone in which to feed its Muse. Goats are generally most comfortable in their own minds (which other, more linear-thinking Signs may have trouble deciphering). This Sign makes a great craftsperson or artisan, or perhaps a teacher of New Age studies — any occupation that allows its mind the full range of freedom. Goats tend not to be very well-organized, precluding many more dry business endeavors. In fact, Goats tend not to be very materialistic in general, finding plenty of riches in their own imagination. However, especially when in love, the Goat can be quite a lavish gift-giver.

Perhaps it’s that artistic temperament that so often causes Goats to feel insecure, but the result is that these high-strung creatures need to feel loved and admired lest they start worrying incessantly. For this reason, Goats tend to have a hard time with romance; anyone who couples up with a Goat must know, this Sign has a sensitive streak a mile wide and can be subject to bouts of anxiety over seemingly inconsequential things. Goats need plenty of love, support and open reassurance from their lovers. If a relationship is marked by conflict, the Goat will often pull away — either physically or simply by retreating into the safe haven of its imagination.

The most compatible match for a Goat is the Pig or the Rabbit.

couple of weeks back, I posted an old O-man FAQ list of Q & A, and I asked if there were any other questions I could answer. The response was rather threadbare, which I think means that most of you guys already know enough about me that there really aren’t any more questions to ask. I don’t know if I should be flattered or scared.

Anyway, I did get a few questions, so I’ll answer them:

primwater: What is your astrological sign?
O-man: Well, if you look at my birthdate, you will have determined that I am a Sagitarius. If you are wondering what sign I am in Chinese astrology, I am born in the year of the sheep (or goat, depending on which translation you want to use). The sheepish characteristics on the right are from

mvprg: Do you read Haruki Murakami works? What are your opinions on him?
O-man: Yes, I do. In fact I have my students read him in one of my classes. While I have read much of his stuff, I don’t really have an opinion of his novels, because I have never read one carefully. But I have read a number of his short stories and i enjoy them very much. He has a very post-structuralist bent that I enjoy reading. His collection of short stories, Kankaru biyori (Kangaroo Weather) is a wonderful collection of stories that focus on individiual experience, memory and intertextuality. Unfortunately, I only know of one story that has benn translated, “On Coming Across the 100% Girl on One Clear April Morning”. But my favorite is “The Girl from Ipanema” and “In the Year of the Spaghetti”.

takunishi79: what have you published? or What are you working on to publish? and If I still pick up on the JA Experience research, would you still want to help me?
O-man: I haven’t published in a long time. When I was a graduate student, I published a paper on the two Noh plays and their relationship to Japanese court poetry. But I haven’t published anything since, except for my dissertation on a medieval poet and priest. I need to publish or I will perish…

ross229er: Can you write about your research? I guess it must have something to do with poetry from the Heian jidai, but I would be interested in hearing about any and all specifics that you are willing to go into.
O-man: I have no problems talking about my research, but I’m afraid that my subscribers list would wither and die. It’s pretty hard to make post-structuralist approaches on poetry that was written 1000 years ago sound interesting to anyone except the truly hardcore academician. So I will refrain. Of course you could go to visit Jakuren on Xanga. He sometimes talks about Japanese literature.

gokingsgo: How do you think the Dodgers will fare this season?
O-man: While this has NOTHING to do with me, I will say that the Dodgers will do as they usually do since the O’Malley regime ended: CHOKE!

Superbunnyfluff: Do you think you will be doing this for the rest of your life? Do you ever want to go back to Japan or move to another city or anything like that?
O-man: Yes, I love to teach, but you already know that, right? And yes, I would like to move back to Japan or accept the challenge of a new city, but only if I had a job to teach.

cgran: If you could work any job, without any restricitions (the pay is whatever you want, and the location doesn’t matter unless you want it to), what would it be and why?
O-man: I would teach because, as I have just said, I love to teach. Especially college students. It keeps me young…

So let me ask you: If you could work any job, without any restricitions (the pay is whatever you want, and the location doesn’t matter unless you want it to), what would it be and why?

Senryu Reminder:

The topic is Revenge and submit your poem here.

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