Interview with a Riceball


esterday, I visited Eechim‘s site and innocently left a comment. Her post was a response to an “interview”, which she was then required to pass along to the first five commenters on her site who wrote, “Interview me.” Well, I usually have my own Q & A write here–because I’m such a narcissist–and so did not write “Interview me.” But this morning, she left me a comment asking me if I’d be one. So I said, “okay.” She must not be getting very many takers…

Anyway, so here goes. But before we start, we must set down the ground rules, lest there be any misunderstandings.


  • Leave me a comment saying “interview me”.
  • The first five to leave a comment requesting to be participants will be interviewed.
  • I will respond by asking you five questions.
  • You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
  • You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  • When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some).

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is a good way of getting to know each other, even though there were a number of you who thought of me as a Xanga buddy or a Cyber buddy, but not a cyber pal. Maybe because it sounds too dirty… *sigh*

Anway, here are my responses to Eechim’s questions:

  1. If you could go to any country to visit , where would you go and why (a place you never been to before)
    I’m not sure if this is a country, butg I want to go to Tahiti because:
    a) I wanna go somewhere as far away from my normal life and not worry about anything except maybe a tanline; b) I’ve always wanted to say, “I’ve been to Tahiti”; and c) the young and slender and tanned young ladies are an attraction unto themselves–platonically speaking of course…

  2. 5 desert island essentials (5 items you would take , if stranded on a desert island)
    This is actually harder that I thought… 1) Although I don’t own one, I would have to buy an solar-powered iPod because I love music and I would need music to survive anywhere, and an iPod will hold a lot of tunes. 2) Swiss Army knife because it will have virtually every utensil I would need, like a corkscrew. 3) polartec blanket–easy to wash, quick drying, perfect to stay warm, and makes a great throw for a beach picnic. 4) a large notebook with at least a thousand pages. 5) a box of pens to write an account of my daily life as I doubt I will have access to Xanga and I definitely need to write something everyday.

  3. Tell us a secret about you, that no one knows (c’mon, you know you want to!)
    Secret? Whew, that’s so hard because I have so many… Well, here’s one: I don’t shower every day. Now, I shower every day I go to work, but on days when I’m just lolling around the house, I’ll forgo the usual shower. Okay, so I admit it. Alright? Happy? I wanna conserve on water, So sue me…

  4. Tell me what you like about me, Eechim! (heh)
    You’re very international. From Southeast Asia, married to a non-Asian, living in Switzerland. That kind of open-mindedness is refreshing and beautiful and totally necessary in today’s world.

  5. Aside from being a teacher, what other job would you like to do (if you could go back in time)
    Cook. I love to cook. I love to cook for others. That’s why I cook okonomiyaki–Hiroshima style–for my students. I just love to see the smile of satisfaction. Although I must admit that this is easily accomplished with students who are often deprived of home cooking…

Okay, that’s it. So who wants to be interviewed by me? I’ll ask you five questions. The first five commenters who write, “Interview me“, will get five questions.

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