Halfwaymag.como Asian Americans have a social or political agenda? Or perhaps the question is should we? The racist comments by the New Jersey radio personalities would suggest that if nothing else, Asian Americans should unite to fight this kind of attitude that ultimately prevents us from participating fully in American society. I touched upon this subject yesterday, but I received divergent comments.

Merrow minsrel is aware of Asian American issues and believes it is merely a matter of time.

Di_gah_jae, Taku and Kenshir0 believes it is idealistic and Asian American unity will never happen because everyone has their own agenda.

Spyken also writes that Asian Americans will never get together but for a different reason: Our cultural background of focusing on family and careers as well as the tradition of not wanting to “make waves” will simply not allow us to voice our opinions to strongly.

These opinions were well considered and interesting–although I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. But that’s the point. If we don’t discuss this, divergence and difference will always separate us. I only wish there were a few more people involved. I know that most of my subscribers are Asian Americans. And yet, very few left a comment…

And I wonder: Do only a few people want to say anything? Are readers afraid of looking ignorant or uninformed?

Well, to be honest, I’m ignorant, too. I know little of the various Asian American groups that acutally try to push a social agenda that purports to represent us. The point is, however, that I try to bring up the topic. If I or you or we do not even discuss it, how would we ever develop an awareness of the issues? Where this is conderned, there is not such thing as a stupid question or comment. Not thinking about it, or not discussing it or just looking the other way is the wrong attitude, for it perpetuates ignorance.

Please don’t be ignorant. Think about it, engage it. Like it like the people at a new online magazine, Halfway. Please go visit them.

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