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he weekend’s posts were no fluff. I was all set to post the following on Sunday–I didn’t want to get overly heavy-handed–but the topic just needed to be addressed while it was still on my mind. I wrote that there seems to be little solidarity among Asian Americans, and I received diverse comments, whch is all good as I believe it is a matter that we as Asians should discuss, or at least think about. If you are interested in Asian American issues and you have not read them yet, please do so and express your opinion. If not, then read the fluff: a personal survey that I jacked from one of my newer subscribers, booyahman.

1. If you were to come back reincarnated as something or someone, who/what would that be?
I’d come back as a cat owned by some rich person, then I could eat and sleep all day. My only worry would be looking for a warm pool of sunlight in which to curl up and sleep.

2. Would you be content working as a janitor/garbage collector making 6 figures?
Yes. At my age, I have nothing left to prove. It would be a 7-3 gig, with weekends off, good benefits and paid holiday. Besides, by taking care of the trash everyone dumps, I would be providing one of the most necessary of services for society. Indeed, they should be paid 6 figures.

3. If you were to have a blemish on your record, what would it MOST likely be?
That I would give up teaching to be a garbage collector…

4. Which is worse, having to leave someone you love or having someone you love leave you?
Definitely having to leave someone. Having someone I love leave me wouldn’t be easy to take, but it would be easier in that I would know that I could not do anything about it.

5. If you were able to grow up with only ONE parent, would you choose your father or mother?
Mother. Does that make me a mama’s boy?

6. If you don’t believe in marriage and happened to get drunk one night and married your best friend, would you give it a chance or divorce him/her right away?
I guess that would depend on what state I lived in. My best friend is a dude, so if the state doesn’t allow gay marriages, the question would be moot. But, man, I would have had to have been REALLY drunk to even consider it…

7. If you were going to be shipped to a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
Hmm… I think I answered this in a previous survey. Three things? My Swiss Army knife, notebooks and pencils…

8. Ladies, if you had to choose between being with Spiderman, Superman or Batman, whom would you choose? (for the men: Catwoman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman)
These are all DC characters. Why do the women get a Marvel choice (Spiderman). Anyway, I guess I’d have to choose Catwoman because I like cats and Catwoman was played by the person who played Storm in the X-Men, a Marvel-based comic: Halle Barry. Yes, I like, I like…

9. How much money would it take to get you to retire?
Five million. That amount invested safely would provide an adequate nterest return to live comfortably, I believe…

10. Could you see yourself as a celebrity, living a life with no privacy?
No. Despite my relative openness on Xanga, I am a very private person.

11. Will you tell your child that there’s no Santa or lie to him/her?
The question is posed very negatively. I don’t think telling a child that Santa exists is a lie to begin with. Santa is the embodiment of generosity–he gives without asking anything in return–which is a good thing to instill in your children. Indeed, my daughter “believed” in Santa for quite a while. Indeed, I can still remember her face when Santa left her a bike, but she was more impressed by the teeth marks left on a half eaten cookie. I had to tell her that lots of kids leave Santa a cookie and he could only take one bite from each to maintain his girlish figure…

12. What’s a deal-breaker in a relationship to you besides infidelity?
Lack of trust. Every relationship is grounded in trust. Any lack of trust will easily devolve into uglier things such as suspicion and jealousy.

13. Could you raise someone else’s child if you had to?
Well, I’m doing it now, so i guess that means I could. But speaking from experience, it is not an easy thing to do for me. Of course, I think it would have been easier if they were smaller. When they are already 20 and 22, there are other complications.

14. How much money would it require for you to do a nude scene in a movie? (full body)
Truth be told, this is the hardest question so far. I am not the proud owner of a chiseled body. I’m not even sure I’d pass the Play-doh test. But everyman has a price, and the 5 mil that would let me retire sounds like a nice, round figure… oops, no pun intended…

15. If you don’t believe in God, do you believe a higher being exists?
I believe in God. I was baptized as a baby and raised a Catholilc, so I have no recourse but to believe in God. Most belief systems are something that you have to have ingrained in you, because there is nothing logical or rational about it. There is no scientific proof that God exists. There is only circumstantial evidence–my mind, Scripture, a sunset, the Mona Lisa. I should mention that my current beliefs do not even come close to the teachings of the Church. They continue to preach things that are not in touch with modern reality. but that is my personal opinion…

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