Beware of what you wish for


have a sweet tooth. Particularly, I love crunchy, chewy and tart candy. It can’t be just chewy like Gummi Bears. It can’t be just crunchy like a lollipop, and it can’t be just tart like Sweet Tarts. It requires all three elements. As a kid I used to like Tootsie Pops because as i got closer to the chewy center, I could bite into it and crunch away. But I took too long to get to that point.

And so I began my search of the perfect candy.

Now Gummi Bears stick to your teeth so I’m not that crazy about them. Jelly beans weren’t tart enough. I liked Lemonheads, but the outside just wasn’t crunchy enough. Then Mentos came along. Mmmmm. Crunchy outside, chewy inside and the fruit flavor ons were sorta tart. I was very happy.

Then Skittles came along. Oh My God! I liked these so much I couldn’t stop. And they have more flavors than Mentos. And now they have different flavors: They have a Wild Berry bag and a Tropical Fruit bag. I have to brush my teeth 5 times a day. But it didn’t stop there. Spree come along and combined the size of Mentos and the variety and crunchiness of Skittles. And the flavor was more fruity. I had hit pay dirt. The perfect candy. SweetTarts have a similar product now, but they were TOO LATE. Beside they don’t have convenient samll packages sold at counters and street verndors… yet. When they do, who knows…

Of course, my sweet tooth is not limited to chewy, crunchy and tart. I am an avowed choco-holic. I just love chocolate. But I am also lactose intolerant and so cannot eat milk chocolate indiscriminately–those of you who love chocolate will know how much “indiscriminate” is… So I eat dark chocolate. And it is just as well, since I think that dark chocolate tastes better. Milk chocolate is a bit too sweet for me. That almost imperceptible bitterness of dark chocolate is something I cannot resist. It gives chocolate that “adult” taste. Those of you who love bitter greens like chrysanthemum leaves or dandelions or arugula will know what I’m talking about…

But of course, chocolate is chocolate is chocolate. While it contains scads of endorphins–those make-you-feel-good peptides–it also contains scads of calories and is definitely not good for my figure, let alone my heart. *sigh* So I hold back as much as possible. I’m having enough trouble with Skittles and Spree. But I will buy a block of dark cooking chocolate–usually even less sweet–stick it in the freezer and periodically sneak small 2 to 3 ounce portions/bites late at night. Since its frozen, it is actually a hassle to break off into small manageable pieces. I often think, “Thank God there isn’t a convenient way to snack on Dark Chocolate, or else I’d be too tempted to eat indiscriminate amounts of it.” Yes, I know of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. I could eat a whole bag without thinking, so I simply avoid them. I used to joke with M that if M&M came out in Dark Chocolate I would make the company rich beyond its wildest dreams…


I think my life–or at least this girlish figure of mine–is ruined…

M&M Dark Chocolates

Screw the Queen. God save ME.

So what’s your favorite candy?

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