Happy Mother’s Day


appy Mom’s Day to all the Moms who read this site. Okay, they are not legion, I’m sure, but there are a few of you… And yes, I spent the whole weekend working on the handrail… but I spent it with M. No grading, no working on the computer, no Xanga (well, until now)… We spent the whole weekend together, albeit trying to get rust off the wrought iron. But it was good, because we had fun doing it. So it was my way saying Happy Mother’s Day to her. I hope her sons do something nice for her. I can always hope, right?

No Fluff Weekend


he home-owner’s association is a pain in the ass. A few weekes ago we got a list ot things wrong with our house so we’ve been cleaning and whatnot. Not too bad: cutting bushes, cleaning the backyard. But this week, we have to redo the short bannister on our steps. It’s made of wrought iron and prone to rusting. Indeed, its been getting pretty rusty so since Friday I ‘ve been stripping the old paint and trying like the devil to get off the rust.

It’s killing me.

First, I brush it down with a wire brush, then get some naval jelly, leave it one for 15 to 20 minutes, then tried wiping it off. No luck. Next, I apply some more naval jelly, let it soak a bit then scrub it with steel wool. I then add a bit more jelly and let it sit some more. Still no luck. I repeat the process and there are still bits of rust that just won’t come off. Some of it I’ve been able to file off. Lots of elbow grease. But the iron looks to have pock marks and the rust is deeply embedded and will take a ton of filing.

This is taking WAY to long. I swear, I’ve been doing this ALL weekend. No rest, not grading, no Xanga, no nothing. Just dealing with the rust… Does ANYONE know how to get out stubborn rust? Does anyone have a dad who knows how? I’d appreciate ANY advice at this point.

Anyway, back to the handrail for me…

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