Maintaining Weight


kay, I confess. I haven’t been keeping to my New Year’s resolution: losing weight. Why am I so pathetically weak? I mean, I know that I’m just a riceball, and rice balls are supposed to be soft and smushy, but this is getting ridiculous. All I need to do is run a bit and I’d be fine. But noooooooooooooooooooo… Too busy for that. I have to grade exams, correct assignements, prepare for classes, watch Startrek Enterprise… And I think, the weight thing exaxerbates my other issues: a receding hair line, a loss of stamina, bad skin tone.

Oh… my… God, I exhibit all the signs of… of… of aging!

Oh, what I’d give for the resilience of youth. A little exercise, skip a meal or two, and voila, five pounds gone… Fat chance these days–no pun intended. Maybe I should just hold back on the potato chips and those dark chocolate M & Ms and Sprees and Skittles and… and… Aarfh, I give up. Don’t give me any grief. I’ll just stay a riceball…

Cultural Note: Umeboshi is a salted and pickled plum that is oh so yummy, although many who are not accustomed to the flavor finding, well, disgusting. Personally, I love them, although that was not always the case. It’s an acquired taste. It’s good with chazuke (flavored tea over rice) or as a filling for riceballs…

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