alfway through the first set of finals. Why are all my finals scheduled toward the end? And all bunched together. Ugh. I hate finals…

enygma81: Do you have a deadline for when grades are due?
O-man: Yes, 72 hours after the final is over. Of course, there are many who don’t even come close to getting grades in on time. I am usually pretty good at getting grades in on time, but this semester, the sheer number of classes and finals I have to grade will make it difficult.

inyoungpark: Isn’t grading kinda fun? Cramming, on the other hand, is NOT!
O-man: Granted, cramming is not fun. I did my share once upon a time. But is grading fun? I don’t think so! Try reading 50 2-3 page papers on the same topic but from different points of views, different styles of writing and different levels of writing ability–from pretty good to horrendous. That’s100-150 pages. Now double that since there are two essays on the exam. Um, 250-300 pages? I also have another class with 24 students with the same number of essays, so that’s another 100 or so pages of varying quality. On top of that I have 6 senior theses to read, each about 25 pages, which now makes it another 150 pages, for a grand total of over 500 pages to read. And lets not forget my Classical Japanese class, and graduate students’ directed readings. So that means I have a ton of translations to check as well. So, NO! Grading is not fun… Grrrr….

BarbEric_Bojo: comon you know you love it.
O-man: Ditto! Grrrr….

onigiri: I admire teachers because they have the stamina to actually grade through all of those horrid papers without combusting their brain or going into a comma. I mean, how do you read all of those? Do teachers suddenly go into a zone and are able to cram in hundreds of papers? And to think that they do it year after year. As a reward, teachers should get paid more. XD
Oman: Man, from your mouth to God’s ear. I wish we got paid more. But do we? Bah! but I’m glad you are so understanding. It warms the cockles of my heart…

Anyway, back to grading for me… *yawn*

Oh yeah, Happy Friday the 13th! For all you superstitious ones out there: Be careful

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