Will it never end?


f it’s not one thing it’s another. I finally finished grading and did what you might expect: I plunged back into Xanga. Actually, that was what my previous tirade was based on. Hungry to visit as many sites as possible–new ones, as well as my regulars–popup ads kept me from moving freely from one site to the next. Anyway, hope I didn’t put anyone off because of it. It was just so frustrating. Of course, this would be easily fixed if I had a new computer, like GlobalGuy. Grrr…

Anyway, summer school has begun and it is an enjoyable endeavor. This particular group seems very motivated and well-trained. We’ve only had three classes, but they have been the easiest three classes I have had this academic year. Thank God for small favors… Well, maybe this isn’t so small. I hope the class continues on its upbeat course.

Well, amidst the euphoria of having finished grading finals, surviving the academic year, and welcoming a group of summer students who are not smart-mouthed and disrupt class at every opportunity, I remembered something I had to do…

Finish writing a paper

This is a paper on linked verse that will, I hope, make it as a chapter in a book on the poet, Basho. I have most of the paper written, but the editor wanted me to include more information on–duh!–Basho. I was so fixed on writing on linked verse–a favorite topic of mine–that I wrote little on Basho. So I need to incorporate more about him and his haikai (light linked verse) by…

The end of the month

Remembering this a few moments ago, I leaned back to look at the calendar on the wall and realized that the end of the month is…

Next week!

No, more precisely, it’s five days away. Why do I do this to myself?


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