Two Full Years


ell, I finally made it. I’ve been blogging for two full years. And absolute miracle.

onigiri: But I really shouldn’t be since I’m doing what I love too. :3 I know this is kind of late (and maybe you’ve been asked this before), but Onigiriman, what do you love to do?

The answer to that is really easy. Blogging on Xanga and meeting a bunch of new people whom I never would have met had I decided not to try this blogging thing. When I first started, most of the people who read me–all four of them–were mostly my students. Slowly I began to meet a number of new people. The first person to subscribe to me that wasn’t my student was nefarious_hatter. I was on Xanga for all of three days when she subscribed and I have been a faithful reader of her site since. She is witty, at time acerbic, but always entertaining, and her artistic talents are incredible. And there is one post I will always remember: It had photographs with an essay that talked of a homeless man. It was beautiful.

Taku is the second subscriber. He still drops by as I also visit him–mostly to steal some new music. We are sorta connected as JA brothers, kinda serious, kinda rowdy. There are a number of other subscribers, some of whom don’t update anymore, such as tiggerj, Lady_Phoenix, luzviminda, masumi, killawhale, ts3c6cwo, Rayenne, Zella, and those_days. I wonder if they still read? There are others who have subscribed but I think we’ve kinda lost touch, such as kayanized, megumi0329, gurlekka, mattblue, dAnxdAn, momototo, ddsb2000, Piratechan, Umeboshi, and SATO. I should do a better job of keeping in touch.

Of course, there are those who I have known for almost two years now, and I appreciate their sites and their comments here: the irrepressible PaikyPoo whose straight talk and totally un-PC attitude always cracks me up; the dude I have to meet when I get to LA Hamamoto (don’t forget we gotta get a beer, dude), Florida States own HattoriHanzo, the Christian rocker fooky11, the always intelligent enygma81 who keep me abreast of AA issues, the cool SunJun, the poetic mommy msbLiSs, the Japanese-Chinese mmh, the cave man BarbEric_Bojo, always studying ikerton, surviving Japan Yohei, my favorite photographer detachable, the academic endeavorer iiSoNySoUnDii, and the evasive totoro1221. These and others–including my students–subscribed to me back in 2003 and I am grateful for their continuing patronage.

But of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one person I would definitely have to meet before I die: SammyStorm. School and other concerns have kept him from being on line as much as I would like, but I hope he is well. Despite our age difference, I feel a certain connection between us. I hope the feeling is mutual. If not, then at least let me buy you a beer. Hahahah!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. I’ll continue the list tomorrow. If I missed anyone who subscribed in 2003, leave me a comment admonishing me! I love the punishment.

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