Making Friends


eing on Xanga has allowed me to make a lot of new cyber-friends. It has been, to say the least, a very interesting experience. And I got a couple of admonishments from my post two days ago:

SleetseII: hey……what about me…we were like good compeitiors on xanga 2 yrs ago…then my writing went kind of sour.

Hahahaha, Sleetse! How could I forget you? Indeed, you were one of the first people to subscribe to me. I think it was through your blogring, Japan II, that we first met. I joined it because it was a new blogring with few members and I thought it was a good way to stand out, so I joined. And I think we were “competitors” in hits. I was rather naive back then, not knowing what to write about or not realizing the ephemeral quality of garnering hits or comments. Maybe Sleeste was too. But we were conscious of each other’s hit count, as meager as they were back then. Sleetse was a kind of lightening rod back then with an attitude that was very un-PC. It was funny to read, if not taken seriously, but then he moved to Japan to work and he slowly faded away. He even go rid of his site and started II. Oh well. At least you comment tells me that you are still alive and kicking. Hope you find that perfect wife in Japan.

simply_marie: dude.. how could you forget #15,000? and your own blogring master? I punish you!!!!!

You’re right. How could I forget? But to be honest, you were actually #10,000. So you can spank me #10,000 times. But don’t tell Spidey and I won’t tell M–although everyone else here will know. Hahahahhaha. But seriously, as I was listing people in the previous post, I was referring to my subscribers list as a guide–two years ago can seem like yesterday, but also like an eternity–and you are listed as having subscribed in April 2004. But your comment got me thinking, and the blogring you created predates April and indeed you were my #10,000th visitor back in December 2003! I think the mixup happened because you unsubscribed once and subscribed under a different name because of some undesirables stalking ya’. Then you ultimately returned to your original site and name. Still: my bad. So you wanna spank this bad, bad boy? But, yeah, Marie created a blogring for me called Onigiriman Rocks, when I went on hiatus back in March 2003. Please feel free to join if you haven’t already filled your quota of blogrings. If you read comments left regularly on my posts, you will recognize a number of people there. I will freely admit that it does wonders for my ego, too. (^_^) Luv ya’ Sarah Marie.

I’m kinda afraid now to continue the list as I don’t want to offend anyone by inadvertantly forgetting them, but hahahahha, here goes anyway.

I was blessed in the first half of 2004 with many new friends. Many, however, seem to have drifted away, either bored of blogging or just bored of the O-man, I’m not sure which. Or, again, I have been remiss in keeping in touch. But I miss guys like grbamboo, pallyatheart, Cboy918, sputtum, Omega01, mystic_creator, furry_raccoon, Tokyo41, MiSakO, inVOGUE, ldyalanna9, zhuzhu, KenjiNie, blu_jazz, ChiisanaHoshi, wildkat03, savagetai, StrawberriesNCream311, sorjen, elliottsez and s_yuki. Guys like scslider and silvermyst_ashke have gone to other blog communities like Live Journal and Blogspot. There are a few others who subscribed but I never got to know. If you’re one of them, drop by and comment and we can begin.

Fortunately, I have come to know some of you, to varying degrees, and I appreciate the time you afford me: the incredibly cute but now inaccessible RieLin, the growing EndlesSkye, No1watching who I hope will give me a professional massage someday, the professional basketball player gokingsgo, my neighbor KENSHIR0, Andine who deals with life everyday, my Chinese master ekin, onigiri who blogs on both Xanga AND Live Journal, loyal reader dawn_1o9, the good daughter sekura81, the first real actor I know gyjcwang, the man who drew Onigiriman’s alter ego globalguy007, angst in the Southwest with avidevi, the pianist iluvpajun, another NoVA neighbor bakababa, fellow Bruin tim00, the California College boy tif383335, our resident Asian fanatic whonose, the recently absent SweetLilV, computer dude in the NW fyzle, the British Asian boy Fongster8, and my Asian Heidi (she loves cows!) Eechim.

There are those who I have met and gotten to know fairly well–as well as you can get to know someone on Xanga–but they have gone on with their lives and I miss then dearly. Bane_vixen, the vixen whose wit, sarcasm and cynicism graced my comments area regularly for a while has gone and gotten engaged! Congratulations, girls. Japblkgrl has also gone one with her life, and I miss her just as much. She was rather shy, but we had some fun times.

But, of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention SleepingCutie. This wildly honest, brutally frank, and sometimes shamelessy open young lady from Vancouver as one of my personal favorites. I mean, honestly, how many of you can write about the size of your boobs or crusty panties–yes, that’s right, crusty! Now, this is not to suggest that she is some vile and perverted Xangan. She simply talks about things in her life with an openness that I know I would be anable to do. And that is perhaps why I find her so refreshing and quite fetching. The fact that she created cartoon characters of the two of us at a hot springs has nothing to do with my opinion of course. Heheheheh. She is, unfortuantely, rather elusive these days. She wanted to avoid readers whom she knew and moved to Live Journal for a awhile. She is kinda backon Xanga but had been taken over by the game World of Warcraft. Now how could a computer game be more interesting than being on Xanga? *sigh*

More to come.

3 thoughts on “Making Friends

  1. O-man~
    I just wanted to drop you a note on blogging tool real quick.

    I use WORDPRESS in order to get the automatic link update status + category archives.

    Xanga won’t do any of these.
    Blogspot, can seperate posts into categories by creating multiple blogs and link them all together. it’s a hassle. That’s why I don’t write through xanga or livejournal or blogspot.

    I need a full control on function/design.

    I recommend using WordPress and hijack xanga name like I did. (if you visit, it will loads up instead)

    With WordPress, you can also install an extra function to make your post publish to several places at the same time (such as xanga and livejournal)

    Maybe it’s time to get πŸ˜‰

    Let me know if you need help setting things up together!!!

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  3. ζ•™ζŽˆγƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γ©γ‚“γ γ‘ζš‡γͺγ‚“γ§γ™γ‹γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»οΌŸ(^^γ‚ž

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