Body Mass Index


need to get serious about losing weight. Work has gotten so hectic that I have become physically sedentary and the pounds just keep on adding on. If I was careful with my eating habits, this would not be an issue, of course. But I am not. I love potato chips, cookies, chocolate, et al.

Of course, the most essential component of my personal diet regimen for a healthy mind is a bacon swiss cheese burger with fries and a couple of beers. Protein from 100% ground beef; vegtables from the lettuce, onion and tomato; cereal/grain from the the bread and beer; and in modest aomunts, fats from the fries. After this meal, I am usually in a very good meal.

Unfortunately, this meal healthy for the mind and not the body. I am considered overweight and I need to lose a significant number of poundage. Like 20. At least. So I decided to calculate my Body Mass Index (BMI).

(Weight / Height [in inches]² ) x 704.5 = BMI

My current BMI is 27.8, which is considered overweight. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal, but personally, a BMI of 18.5 is ridiculous. If my BMI was 19, I’d weigh a scrawny 114 pounds. But a BMI of about 23 to 24 would suit me fine. I’d be in the 140-50 range. By reversing the calculation, I getbare with me, can barely add and subtractthe following.

704.5X / Height² = 23.5 BMI704.5X / 4356 = 23.5X = 145 lbs.

So to reach a BMI of 23.5 I gotta lose… Cripes! That’s over twenty pounds… I better get moving.

2 thoughts on “Body Mass Index

  1. oh gosh. I love food as well. I used to eat bacon, egg and cheese everyday for breakfast until it started giving me health problems. I’ve changed my diet since then, but once a week, I still treat myself to my bacon-egg-cheese.

    It’s not difficult to lose 20 lbs. I bet you can lose it in a couple of months or less. 🙂

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