es, I saw two movies–count ’em, TWO–last weekend. Okay, vor most of you whipper snappers,, two on a weekend is no biggy. Thirty years ago, I woulda been right with you guys. But today, in my old and pennilessly decrepit state, two movies in one weekend is somewhat of a marvel. So besides Batman, I also saw Madagascar. And it was pretty funny.

Warning! Spoilers Approaching: The voices of Chris Rock as Marty the Zebra and Ben Stiller as Alex the Lion was pretty good. But it was the writing that was funny. The puns and the double entendres tickled me quite a bit as I watched four domesticated animals living in a New York zoo discover their true nature when they get stranded on Madagascar. The dialog included references to old movies–Alex screaming like Charleton Heston at the end of the Planet of the Apes in front of the destroyed Statue of Liberty had to have been over the head of most of the kids in the audience as I think I was the only one laughing. There were a few others such as the volleyball in Castaways and of course Marty strutting to the BeeGees a la Saturday Night Fever.

But I did have a few issues. The transformation of Alex’s mane was indicative of his own transformation into a wild animal, but why didn’t any of the other characters become wild either? The ending was kinda wierd, too. Why sushi? You can’t kill mammals, but fish are okay? They shoulda had them eat insects like Simba and his buddies did in The Lion King. But then again, I’m partial to fish.

I’m glad the movie turned out to be a good one, otherwise I would have been totally bummed out. Before the movie started, I bought some popcorn and sodas, bumped into a chair, spilled the sodas and lost most of the popcorn. Ugh! I am such a klutz. I hit my right elbow and for those of you who know me, know that my right eye is suspect–scar on the cornea. So that’s my excuse for bumping into it, but I was still rather embarrassed by the incident. In a movie auditorium filled with little kids, it’s the adult who spills the drink.


A few of you were kind enough to point out my typo in the previous entry. Instead of “After this meal, I am usually in a very good meal,” it should be “After this meal, I am usually in a very good mood.”

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