e are all concerned with image, are we not? And I like to come off as a teacher who is friendly, understanding, open, fair. But sometimes I wonder if I go too far to promote this image. I enjoy my students and I try to create a class atmosphere that is devoid of stress… as much as possible, that is. I mean, the subject is hard enough and stressful enough, so an atmosphere that is relaxed would be a plus, I think. This way, students don’t fret coming to class and indeed it becomes a “destination”, a place they look forward to…

Okay, maybe they don’t look forward to class. Hahahhaha. But less stress is conducive to studying, so I encourage a fun class, one in which students know they are not being judged by me… Graded? Yes. But judged? No. But as I said, sometimes I think that maybe I go too far. Previously, I wrote of a student who folded up his quiz into a paper airplane and “handed it in” by tossing it to me! *sigh* Today, as I was joking and teasing in class, a student threw a pencil. A PENCIL! I mean, if it was a pencil that worked, then maybe I could live with that, but a broken mechanical pencil has as much values as… as… as a what? It’s so useless, I can’t even come up with an equivalent…

Anyway, another student who is also studying this summer wrote on her blog that she’d draw a picture of those who left a comment on her blog. So I did. This is what she left.

You know, I’m supposed to draw one of your interests, but you don’t have any listed. So I resorted to drawing you with some things you’ve mentioned in class. XD

Image hosted by

Hahahahaha. I guess it sorta looks like me, in that Edvard Munch kind of way. But the drawing is a bit obscure. I’d explain it but that would be too easy and no fun. So anyone wanna take a crack at deciphering it? I know, I too will “produce” a representation of the first subscriber who interprets the above drawing correctly–What am I saying? Why am I saying it? What are the elements next to me and below me? Like Ms. Naito, I will use my paint program to produce the image, so don’t expect anything resembling a Rembrant. A Picasso, maybe–a BAD Picasso. Hahahahhaha. Hint: Naito-san is not Japanese, but she is a student of mine.