m am such an unabashed carnivore. I love meat. Red meat, white meat, I’m not particular. Well, maybe I would not eat round steak or pigs feet, but virtually anything else that goes “moo” or “oink” is fair game. These last few days, I’ve been bushed. I’ve been working and running so much, I’m am pretty tired. So last might I broke down and decided to feed the hunger. I got some ribs from Famous Dave’s.

I’ve mentioned this before: They have the best ribs I have ever eaten. I realize that there are many places that boast great ribs, and I have never been to Texas or Kansas City or Memphis where they make some of those legendary ribs, but I have come to realize that they do not have “ribs” on the west coast. I have eaten them but they are nothing compared to the ribs over here, and in Virginia/DC, Famous Dave’s is at the top. Dave himself is from Chicago and apparently he has a number of restaurants in the midwest from Wisconsin through Illinois (including Champaign) and Iowa down to Texas. There’s also one in Tacoma, Tuscon and Philly. Speaking of which, the Texas beef brisket is out of this world. I wish I could offer you a taste: You’d go crazy. Of course, this may have to do with working out and being just this side of famished….

So do you like ribs?
And where did you eat the best ribs you’ve ever eaten?

Anyway, back to work. I also have to create a midterm. Geez. I the second session is already half over! Now to make an exam that is challenging, yet easy to grade.