Advisor at large…

I got the following question form yes05.

yes05: I love your writing. Could you tell us in detail about your process of writing? I’m sure you’ve gone through this before. I’ve always wondered where and how people got their ideas, at what time of the day, etc etc etc.

Also another question (hope you don’t mind..) any inspiration for a new college grad with a degree in humanities, one doesn’t know and doesn’t really care about what to do with his future? Or is this all about finding the *passion of life*!? And what does it take to become a teacher?

Hope to hear from you O-sensei. Thank you very much.

First of all–not to sound rude or anything–but who are you? Do I know you? You have a Xanga account, but you don’t post, and you’ve even disabled your guestbook so I couldn’t ask you this question on your site. “Who are you?” Not that I know every one of my subscribers–of whom you are not one–BUT they do offer entries that give me a glimpse into their thoughts, their lives and their feelings. As such, I am much more comfortable sharing with them than I am with a total stranger.

So I ask again, “Who are you?” Do I know you? Are you someone who had a previous Xanga and have switched? Are you incognito?

Anyway, to answer your question, I write what I feel like writing. While I do keep my readership in mind and consequently refrain from anything overtly disgusting or lewd, I will write about whatever is on my mind, whether it be about food, sports, politics, being JA/AA, my past, or questions from my subscribers. Since I am a talker, I can usually find something to say, although not everyone will find everything I write about interesting. Indeed, I have had subscribers come and go–about a hundred by now–but I will continue to write what I want. I have been told by some that since I talk from the “heart”–that is, I write about things that I have a passion for or, at any given moment, have a great interest in–I am interesting enough to keep their attention. I don’t know. Just write what you want, be articulate, and don’t worry about what others think.

As for advice to a newly graduated humanities major, I can give none, as I have no idea who you are. I would need more info to provide advice that I’d feel comfortable with. Note that I did not say good advice, because there is no such thing. Advice is only the opinion of one man or woman, one that is limited to that person’s experience. But I am comfortable giving advice to those who I think will likely benefit from my experience. Since I do not know anything about you, I cannot make that call. Sorry.