A New Clothing Line


ow many of you know what a narcissist I am. I write about what I want, I write about me and amy past. I dramatize it a bit to give it a bit of spice–no, I’m not talking about the jalepeno incident; that REALLY happened. (Note to Sammy: that’s as lewd as it gets.) But my life is pretty much without drama and it is truly a dull and lifeless existence I lead. Of course, this doesn’t stop me from pretending that I lead an exciting life.. but that’s a story for another day.

For today, I will address a comment left by Rie.

I’ve been gone for a week and wow you have your own t-shirt line!! Its amazing, I’ll have to buy one lol. Wouldn’t it be funny if I was wearing my Onigiriman shirt and I ran into someone that was also wearing one!

Okay, now I’ve done it. I’ve crossed the “so-narcissistic-I-can’t-stand-him” line. Hahaahhahaha. Well, Rie must have noticed the link on the main page and commented on it. Just to let you know, girl: DON’T BUY IT! Not that you were going to, of course, but just in case.

Here’s the deal.

I once made an Onigiriman coffee mug as a return present. You know, you give me a present and I will return the favor. Well, the O-man is not on a par with the San Rio line of Hello! Kitty goods, but as a gift for others to remember me, well, it was okay. Recently I heard of CafePress through golden_oceanid, decided to look into it and made a T-shirt just for the heck of it. What surprised me was that I learned that I could actually sell this $hit without any overhead or extra cost. Hahahahaha. Well, I decided to “set up shop” just for fun.

The operative word here is “fun.”

The coffe mug I made previously, as well as the T-shirt here, uses the original Onigiriman image I created a few years back, so it is fuzzy and jagged. As the original, it is the real deal but still it is, to say the least, crude. Certainly not professional, and not something you’d want to put down a Jackson for–my mark-up is nominal at $2. But it’s good enough as a novelty item for my friends.

So there. Whew, I’m glad I got that off my chest…

One thought on “A New Clothing Line

  1. Hey, that’s a really cool design. I’ve been playing with cafepress for some time myself, but recently switched to spreadshirt.com – much easier to make products. It’s supposed to be leading custom tshirt store in europe and they just opened up in US. I was impressed with the quality…

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