Meetin’ Up


ave you ever wondered who leaves comments on your site? I’m sure that all of you have friends who leave comments, but there are also those whom you have never met, right? Now, don’t you wonder from time to time who they are? What they’re really like? And don’t you sometimes get the hankerin’ to meet them in the flesh?

Well, I have only met one so far, Ender. She was a person I met through other students who were studying in Japan. She ultimately matriculated to the school where I teach, and came to take a Japanese placement exam from me. When I saw her e-mail address, I thought, “Now where have I seen this name before?” Hahhahah. It was her. But she came to my site because she had met some of my students, so while it was fun to meet her, it was not that unusual.

The other day, I went to school and entered my office when I found the following note on the floor.

Again, I’m thinking, :”Where have I heard this name before?” Okay, I may sound stupid, but haven’t you ever met someone out of context and not immediately recognize the name or face? Well, I have, many times. And this time was no exception. After staring at the message for 5 minutes it finally sunk in. It’s SunJun. Hahhahahah. Damn! I wish I had been in when he came. I definitely would have liked to have met him. But unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Oh well. Maybe next time….

For now, I will be flying to LA this weekend for my elementary / jr. high class reunion. I will write about it when I get back. But perhaps more interesting is that I may get a chance to meet a couple of fellow Xangans, subscribers, as it were. I’m kinda excited to meet them–waku waku–IF I meet them. I write this now, but am afraid of a big let down. No, not them personally. I’m afraid they may not be able to make it to J-Town. How many times have I been left waiting at the altar? Not that I want to marry Vlade. Hahahhahahah!

So be cool everyone. Have a great weekend.

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